Zeppelin for Aground

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Adds a new flying machine - the mighty Zeppelin! Use all the helium sacs you have gathered so far and brave the skies in the slowest vehicles that has ever lifted from ground.

Unpowered Zeppelin flight is really slow, but it does not cost any resouce (apart from your time). However a fully upgraded zeppelin can take you to the highest places and carry very heavy loads at a reasonable pace, but to get there you need to work hard!

Now in Brazilian Portuguese thanks to etrotta!


  • Questline - Bring a Helium Sac to the Mechanic to start the airship quest
  • Zepplein - craft a Zeppelin at the factory and take it to the skies!
  • Two envelopes - upgrade the Zeppelin with a more sturdy framework and envelopes so it can fly higher!
  • Steam Engine - a cheap and dirty engine. Put all the coal to good use!
  • Electric Engine - a new type of engine for you eco-minded folks
  • Nuclear Engine - a high-powered engine that allows you to fly around the world using a piece of Uranium!

Planned features:

  • Magical upgrades to the zeppelin, including new, never seen before equipment!
  • And more!

Changing engines in flight can lead to serious injury and loss of the airship. While all engines store the fuel when you uninstall them, they come with zero fuel from the start so install a new engine on the ground only!

*This mod has arisen as a result of a Discord discussion about uselesness of Helium Sacs. Thanks go to Thelelanator for doubting the awesomness of lighter-then-air flight!














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Soulrk @soulrk

HI, I tried it and had a lot of fun. One note though - you can't pick up zeppelin as you do with other vehicles (say SUV). On my first attempt, I have built my mind on the bunker factory and was stuck. Overall lot of fun :).

gASK @gask13

Thanks for the kind words! The Zeppelin is a relic of old times, so it doesn't have all the features it should have, sorry about that!

Soulrk @soulrk

Hi - I was working on my project and found out code on how to pack/unpack vehicles. I could you send you an example if you would like..... Just pm me.

kapikkas @kapikkas

Me after one journey from sunset Heaven to starting island: DEAR GOD WHY IS IT SO SLOW

gASK @gask13

It's a relic of another time when it had better capacity and no stamina usage.

yuraconst @yuraconst

Build a zep quest doesn't give an actual zep.
Plus there's a bug where any zeps with inserted engines prevent game from saving, must unequip the engine first -_-
Oh, and save with this Zeppelin is said to be incomplete because of wrong item IDs.

gASK @gask13

Hi Yura, with the help of Styler I managed to reproduce both of those bugs and the newest version (2.2.2) will not prevent any saves and the zep quest in mobile lab will work (but not give you any zeppelin).

The incomplete save is not because of zeppelin, or at least I found no broken item references.

gASK @gask13

Hi Yura,

can you please provide more details about those bugs? I think it might be some other mod interfering with this as I just tested the zeppelin mod alone and it gave me zep after finishing the quest, equiping any engine on any amount of zeppelins does not prevent me from saving and on loading, I do not have any messages about incomplete saves....

Feel free to contact me via DM here or on Discord, if you provide me with the console output, I will be happy to take a look and figure out what might be causing it.

yuraconst @yuraconst

I have an idea: Airship
A common trope is that airships are converted sea ships, so... I think it's reasonable to have to use a Boat + a Fire Gem to upgrade the Zeppelin to a basic airship (interiorless)
Tier 2 airship requires more wood, various magical gems and other things. This one has an interior the same size as the smallest dragonships.
Ultimately, you get to a Colony sized Spelljammer-esque ship that uses Dragon Cores
Draconian Armor + Fire Gem + 100 Focus Gems = Dragon Core
The idea with airships is to merely provide an aesthetically different line of interiored magic vehicles.
In the 4X strategy Age of Wonders, there are only dragon hatchling powered balloons (tamer directs dragon's breath to heat air or push the balloon in needed direction)