VSAT System for Aground

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This mod basically adds 4 new planets (3 medium-sized and one gas giant) and a red dwarf having no life but tons of resources. To get the navigation map to the VSAT system talk to the professor once you defeated the final boss, she will give you a quest that would open up the doors to enter the VSAT system.


1)AR72kM- A red dwarf in which you can enter but be careful, there are highly dangerous magma tiles. A huge amount of resources such as titanium, iron, and noradium(a new resource created by this mod) are present in the core of this star. But be extra careful while digging it.

2)V225A- A planet rich in magical gems and evolution shards however due to far distance from the star, this planet remains cold.

3)L502J- A dense terrestrial planet holding precious resources such as uranium, chromium,magnegem, moissanite, and exotic matter.

4)WDM144- A planet having a dense carbon atmosphere holding ores such as coal, raw oil, diamond, and platinum(a new resource created by this mod).

5)K269Y1- A gas giant having a dense atmosphere with glass falling rains at the speed of around 5200m/s.

Note- This is not a new mod for people who were already having unknown discovery mod earlier. Only parallax, planet appearance, areas are changed, data is the same. Unknown discovery mod is currently in development. There were various reasons to divide the mod-

1)Overcrowding of planets.

2)Concept of coming Unknown discovery mod and this mod were different.

Unknown discovery mod will be released soon with a new story like unnature.

If finding any bug or want to give any suggestions then you are free to tell me about it in the comments section or in UAMT discord.





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alphatester @alphatester

it should add heat protect suit MK1,2,3, and physical protect suit MK1,2 and heat protect suit MK3 for AR72kM, MK2 for K269Y1, and MK1 for V225A. Physical protect suit MK2 for K269Y1, and MK1 for AR72kM ( Because its red dwarf, it would have high pressure, if you only have heat suit, it crush you into a jam, like gas giant. ), and space suit MK1, MK2 for those harsh climate

alphatester @alphatester

nice but it should be very dangerous and need to careful

alphatester @alphatester

and, no protect suit would melt you or let's you be a ice instant if no protect.

alphatester @alphatester

i mean all of it, it has bad climate like very cold, and very hot, and they all does not have oxygen as well.

Styl-getsetfly @styler659

Do you mean that star "AR72kM"?

9pgisme @9pgisme

How do you find or craft the 3 locators for the prof

Styl-getsetfly @styler659

In the mobile lab research.

prodjim @the-dishonored-one

this is a good mod can make more quests? i have some quests: scavenger want to research the noradium and platinum. mirrows willl build a platinum jetpack

mkeloading @mkeloading

Coal and raw oil are results of dead and decomposed animals which have, under millions of years, compressed from heat and pressure into coal and oil. Yet there are no animals on the planet. Maybe add some sort of life, so it makes sense?

squirleybob @squirleybob

All life could have been destroyed in some catastrophic event. Perhaps add that in some lore.

mkeloading @mkeloading

Makes sense.

yuraconst @yuraconst

A volcanic catastrophe?
Also, that planet should be unterraformable - any buildings built should quickly take damage (except spirit storage) and perish in the harsh atmosphere. At depth 80 or so, have a fully built bunker - kitchen, storage, resting space... and a single bird alienspirit (friendly NPC only visible with spirit goggles or such) who says THEY have nuked the planet's supervolcano.
THEY then come and try to reach the bunker with a burrowing bomb. It's up to the player to stop the bomb (loaded with Dispirium) from wiping out living and spirits alike.
If player succeeds, the spirit lets them keep the Bird Armor (which is like a stronger counterpart to the automated suit - having everything of Exo equivalent tier as a single item). However, this only triggers if both The Boss and Nursery Crab are dead.