Vampire Cape for Aground

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Published by VorTechnix (mod ID: 180)


Dangerous creatures lurk in the night and underground; with the Vampire Cape, you are one of them.

The Vampire Cape is designed for those who are tired of visiting storehouses every 2 minutes and being pounded by high damage enemies like golems while mining or looking for treasure, so the next time the Mirrows are ganging up on you in between attacks just equip the Vampire Cape and Light Bender and take a breather.

Based on the Shadow Cape with upgraded functionality it has a flight height of 100 so it can reach orbit (in full version) and a flight speed of 7 (fast enough to get places but slow enough to avoid overshooting). It has a capacity of 10'000 (10 times that of the magic pack cheat item), a flight capacity of 12'000 (so you can fly even with a bit of an overload), and it provides +10 health and +10 stamina per second as long as you are not in daylight (hence the Vampire part of the name).

Invisibility is provided by the Shadow Ring and Light Bender items. Shadow ring also prevents night from ending so any daytime only npcs won't appear.

3.1.0 Update:
Added Gold Cape. This cape is available sooner in the game and lets you get more carry sooner. It has health and stamina regen but provides them in daylight (in reverse of the vampire cape).
Added Magic Cape. This cape is designed to boost magic only play styles. It provides health and stamina in day and night and gives you spirit energy.

Added Light Bender. With the upgrade of Shadow Ring there needed to be an item to provide invisibility in daytime.

--Be on the look out for a new full Vampire mod in the the future cause I am planning to remake this mod with new functionality and some fun new mobs and areas.--









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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

The forge. You have to download the older version to get the shadow cape. Subscribing gets you the newer gold cape and magic cape.

K_Kazumo @k-kazumo

Where i can make Vampire cape and Shadow Ring?
Where is recipes of Vampitre cape and Shadow ring

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

yeah you cant i know that

LuVenBen @na4302683

you cant even get mods in the demo

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

Never mind I’m just an idiot who didn’t realize I was supposed to upload an older version :l

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

When you updated it you accidentally removed the shadow ring and vampire cape recipe

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

I can’t craft it help

denbor3 @denbor3

Do so love the vampire cape for the huge carry capacity it gives :)

prodjim @the-dishonored-one

what is "lung extension potion"???

Viaspo @viaspo

Don't think about it. Don't ask questions. Just like and subscribe. If not, download it!

Derpymerp @derpymerp

Where is the shadow ring equipped? Also, can you make the max height 40 so it is the same as the magic pack?

VorTechnix @vortechnix

The shadow_ring should be equipped in a new slot called "Bracelet" (just click in the item and click "Equip" and it should show up in it's slot). The magic pack is a CHEAT ITEM so matching it's stats would make the vamp cape even more OP (and I'm already getting complaints the way it is now).

Derpymerp @derpymerp

Yeah, well, the vampire cape is essentially a cheat item too because of how good it is, but I get it

gASK @gask13

I like your use of recolored sprite for the Oxygen Sac, now that I see it I should have done that instead of custom sprite.

Also wonder what Poseidon's Wrath does, guess we'll find out in a future mod?

etrotta @etrotta

"Morrows" did you mean Mirrows?

VorTechnix @vortechnix

@etrotta Yes I did and thanks!