Unknown Discovery (Demo) for Aground

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With a tremendous effort over months, the Demo Version with a new starting is ready now. Explore a new, unfamiliar world with an adventurous experience! Discover the hidden secrets.
To start the mod, go to the CaptAIn once you've defeated the Final Boss.

Under the grounds of Iechenitis-427 B, life exists. However, above the planet is just destruction, stormy winds making the living conditions impossible. The roots of this destruction are the greed of Feisty to conquer the planet and summon the shady ones and make them superior. The shady ones possess mysterious evil energies. Their powers are incredible! The torture and forceful demands made by Feisty became a burden on people. People of the planet tried their best to overthrow Feisty from their planet. But they never knew that this was their biggest mistake. Feisty decided to ruin the planet into dust using his high-level technology, and he became successful in that. Most of them couldn't withstand the wrath of Feisty. Many lost their relatives, belongings, businesses, and even their lives. Some of those who managed to survive ended up dying later due to a shortage of resources. Very few of them survived in the Underground Bunkers. Those who survived started sending the distress signals to other Star systems. Can they get relief from the pain?

Note - All the names, characters, events, and incidents of the mod's story are imaginary.

Watch the linked videos if stuck in a problem. Video Credits: Respective owner of that YouTube channel.

Special Thanks To-

@Lybell - Structural Artwork
@ChesireX42 - Dino Art, Researcher NPC Art, Artwork of some Equipment and Icons.
ᴬᴬᴿᴼᴻᴺᴼᴿᴲᴸᴸ - Sharing the link of Aground Sprite Collection.
@ThaumicalTadrn - Redesigning some Icons

And the Folks of the UAMT who helped me.

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1-By subscription.
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2) Verify your account through email and start subscribing to the mods you want to play.
3) Open Aground and click on the “mods” category on the title page.
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5) Enter the five-digit code that would be sent to your email and start enjoying the mods!

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4) Once you have pasted the mod file into Aground's mod folder, you can start enjoying the mod!

For more information, join the discord server!
Aground Official server - Fancy Fish Games
Aground Modding server - Aground Modding

Imp Note: There is a chance for you to find bugs, unbalanced/broken things. If you find it, kindly report that. Also, suggest the changes you want. That can help me to prepare a better full version.

Enjoy this mod!










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lobachevgleb @lobachevgleb

Where I can found teleport to this world?

Styler659 @styler659

Read the description... Anyway, jus go to the CaptAIn once you've defeated the Final Boss.

lobachevgleb @lobachevgleb

Thank you very much

Platypusking @normanwongcm01

where is the ore cave

Styler659 @styler659

There is an ore cave on every floor. May I ask, what are you searching for?

Platypusking @normanwongcm01

i am searching for the one that the craftman is looking for

Styler659 @styler659

Firstly, you've to find the "Stock Keeper" (you need a rail-trike to explore the 2nd floor). Then, you need to complete the quest "Dark Deals" given by her. After that, go to the Dealer. He will guide you the way for the ore cave...

Platypusking @normanwongcm01

also nice mod this really helps for bored players that have completed the game multiple times

thegamingboyee @thegamingboyee

Your mod may or may not have predicted Aground Zero

Styler659 @styler659

I don't think so...🤔

larytrickster @larytrickster

I can’t find the keys to the doors 5,6 ((Help please!

Styler659 @styler659

Watch the attached videos.
Anyway, for 5, Stock Keeper will help you once you've completed the quest "Dark Deals" and for 6, Dark Dealer will assist you once you have made a deal of 50K unkcash with him.

matrock14 @matrock14

i cant wait for the next version

Styler659 @styler659

I have paused Modding for now. Unfortunately, the Full Version will not come out before 2023. I have a lot of IRL stuff. That's the reason.

matrock14 @matrock14

i think you should make traps to catch the enemies of lechenitis

Styler659 @styler659

That thing is to be implemented in the full version. For that you meet a new NPC and he will guide you about catching enemies, farming them, etc.

matrock14 @matrock14


LuVenBen @na4302683

Looks interesting.
Might play aground somtime

Styler659 @styler659

For 5, Stock Keeper will help you once you've completed the quest "Dark Deals" and for 6, Dark Dealer will assist you once you have made a deal of 50K unkcash with him.

To obtain neobizium, you need to enter the second/third ore cave for it, dark dealer will show you the way. After that you need "blazing drill" which would be provided by "UNK Miner" once you entered the second/third ore cave.

You can obtain pearl stone by using fishing rod in the stream.