Spirits Plus for Aground

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Talk to the Alchemist once you have killed a spirit to begin the storyline. These quests give many new items and unlock a new area!
If the Alchemist has met an unfortunate end, you can complete an accelerated questline from the Exiled to obtain everything.

Elemental Spirit Familiars

  • The five basic elemental spirits can now be captured as familiars
  • The Spirit Net allows capturing of all elementals, capturing them in their basic elemental form

Generate Spirit

  • Captured spirits create elemental gems in the new Spirit Distillery.
  • Spirit can be condensed into Spirit orbs or back into your internal storages at will!
  • Spirit storages allow you to hold more than 200 Spirit!


  • While the recipes are secret, the boosts they give are very handy to get an edge on the situation.
  • Look for a new spirit wandering the starting island or the Halloween cave.

Spirit Maze

  • This procedurally generated area never looks the same twice!
  • In it, you can find various spirit trees, spirits of all forms, as well as rare items!

Spirit Empowerer

  • An endgame structure that allows you to obtain all the items added in this mod at a cheaper cost.
  • Uses either Spirit from your storages or Spirit Orbs as fuel.

Other Small Things

  • Spirit Tree Grove: Grows all five types of spirit arrows at once, and connects to the coral farm
  • Spirit Shield: Can block all attacks
  • Spirit Eel: Generates small amounts of spirit from Dragonblood or Exotic Matter
  • Spirit Drill: Digs in a 1x3 pattern

Special thanks to @moebeast25 for the spirit distillery art!













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nerotonin @nerotonin

This mod really give much love to the spirit path. As a spirit bowman in vanilla game, This mod is a great mod for me.

I would like to ask a few question.
1. What trigger spirit empower? I got it really late game, and the item it offer are not very useful at that point. More specifically I'm talking about the drill, It's only an mine 5 tool. In my opinion, spirit path should have mine 7 tool too, like science path.
2. Can you tell me the secret of making pendant? Or a hint, like how many modifier item I need to use. The main item is Gold pendant from factory, Am I right?

Airom @airom

1. The spirit empowerer is obtained after completing the other quests and then having 200 spirit orbs. Looking back this isn't a very clear trigger but I'm not going to change it anytime soon since it does work.
2. Pendants are made by combining a pendant with a special new gem and a normal elemental gem at a forge.

nerotonin @nerotonin

like this?

Airom @airom

close... try adding elemental materials.

LuVenBen @na4302683

Though i didnt ask the original question Would i add an ice heart and/or yeti fur aswell?

nerotonin @nerotonin

How to craft spirit grove. When I talk to farmer it show fuel:0

hotrock73 @hotrock73

For some reason I can't equip pendants anymore. I used to be able to, but this last play through the item slot doesn't appear and attempting to equip the pendant gives a "can't equip" message. Am I missing/forgetting something?

Airom @airom

To unlock the pendant slot you need to use the inspect action on either an empty pendant or a soulstone.

hotrock73 @hotrock73

Aah... it's always the simple stuff. :)

Vizaru @vizaru

How does one acquire the Spirit Empowerer?

edit: I did a bunch of research to find how to start the relevant quest, which required evo_gem2, and after way too much time I finally figured out it was simply an evo seed, lol.

Anyway, great mod!

edit2: the spirit empowerer has a recipe for what looks to be a pink-colored spirit leech, but the item has no name. I couldn't find the recipe in recipes.xml (maybe it was added somewhere else but the search term leech found nothing in this mod) nor a reference in en_US.xml (makes sense since there's no name).

Airom @airom

Good catch! You are right, the item evo_gem2 does not exist. The proper item ID would be spirit_gem2, which is the evo spirit gem.

michal_opole @michal-opole

What currency prefers cultivator ??? (green guy levitating above dragon ship factory or wherever you beat him)
I was talking to him with 1k spirit, because I wanted to buy "heart_pedant" (it's 300 spirit) but he always says "not enough spirit!"
Is it an error or is there another currency? (if yes how can I get it) I must have that pedant.

Airom @airom

I have honestly no idea what you are talking about. Heart pendant is not an item I know of, and the cultivator is the green boss found on magic2, and after you defeat it it spawns the vine copse...
Sounds like this is from a different mod. Since I know most of them pretty well, I'd guess curatrixia maybe?

CertifiedAssistBitch @certifiedassistbitch

Hi, this is probably me being dumb, but I can't figure out where to get the spirit distillery. I have it's upgrade blueprint, but the distillery itself is eluding me.

Airom @airom

The spirit distillery should just be a normal structure you can place with the blueprint. No upgrades needed.

matrock14 @matrock14

how did i trap spirits

Airom @airom

You can trap a spirit as a familiar-type if you use a spirit net. If you haven't unlocked that yet, talk to the elder dragon.

Cabal-2140 @cabal-2140

How to kill a Spirit?oO

Airom @airom

Progress through the game and eventually you will obtain weapons that can damage them.

nergal_master @nergal-master

where do i get the spirit maze

Airom @airom

In the spirit realm. It is an end game area, you have to have revealed the HQ pathway first. Talk to the Spirit Guide to unlock it. If you don't know any of the things I'm talking about, just keep playing the game on the magic path.