Spirits Plus for Aground

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Talk to the Alchemist once you have killed a spirit to begin the storyline. These quests give many new items and unlock a new area!
If the Alchemist has met an unfortunate end, you can complete an accelerated questline from the Exiled to obtain everything.

Elemental Spirit Familiars

  • The five basic elemental spirits can now be captured as familiars
  • The Spirit Net allows capturing of all elementals, capturing them in their basic elemental form

Generate Spirit

  • Captured spirits create elemental gems in the new Spirit Distillery.
  • Spirit can be condensed into Spirit orbs or back into your internal storages at will!
  • Spirit storages allow you to hold more than 200 Spirit!


  • While the recipes are secret, the boosts they give are very handy to get an edge on the situation.
  • Look for a new spirit wandering the starting island or the Halloween cave.

Spirit Maze

  • This procedurally generated area never looks the same twice!
  • In it, you can find various spirit trees, spirits of all forms, as well as rare items!

Spirit Empowerer

  • An endgame structure that allows you to obtain all the items added in this mod at a cheaper cost.
  • Uses either Spirit from your storages or Spirit Orbs as fuel.

Other Small Things

  • Spirit Tree Grove: Grows all five types of spirit arrows at once, and connects to the coral farm
  • Spirit Shield: Can block all attacks
  • Spirit Eel: Generates small amounts of spirit from Dragonblood or Exotic Matter
  • Spirit Drill: Digs in a 1x3 pattern

Special thanks to @moebeast25 for the spirit distillery art!













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Aether_58 @aether-58

the spirit trap doesnt capture water elementals it only turns them into water gems. also how do you obtain more spirit traps? because of the gem problem, i cannot capture them all

justdev42 @justdev42

Coming from the Steam version and I am happy to see Spirit Fish giving orbs again. Had a couple of mods that required them. Thought was going to have to manually remove that part because wasn't willing to give up the rest of your mod :)
Not sure how feasible it would be but something I'd like to have and would fit the context of your mod is a spirit fence.

nerotonin @nerotonin

This mod really give much love to the spirit path. As a spirit bowman in vanilla game, This mod is a great mod for me.

I would like to ask a few question.
1. What trigger spirit empower? I got it really late game, and the item it offer are not very useful at that point. More specifically I'm talking about the drill, It's only an mine 5 tool. In my opinion, spirit path should have mine 7 tool too, like science path.
2. Can you tell me the secret of making pendant? Or a hint, like how many modifier item I need to use. The main item is Gold pendant from factory, Am I right?

Airom @airom

1. The spirit empowerer is obtained after completing the other quests and then having 200 spirit orbs. Looking back this isn't a very clear trigger but I'm not going to change it anytime soon since it does work.
2. Pendants are made by combining a pendant with a special new gem and a normal elemental gem at a forge.

nerotonin @nerotonin

like this?

Airom @airom

close... try adding elemental materials.

LuVenBen @na4302683

Though i didnt ask the original question Would i add an ice heart and/or yeti fur aswell?

nerotonin @nerotonin

How to craft spirit grove. When I talk to farmer it show fuel:0

hotrock73 @hotrock73

For some reason I can't equip pendants anymore. I used to be able to, but this last play through the item slot doesn't appear and attempting to equip the pendant gives a "can't equip" message. Am I missing/forgetting something?

Airom @airom

To unlock the pendant slot you need to use the inspect action on either an empty pendant or a soulstone.

hotrock73 @hotrock73

Aah... it's always the simple stuff. :)

Vizaru @vizaru

How does one acquire the Spirit Empowerer?

edit: I did a bunch of research to find how to start the relevant quest, which required evo_gem2, and after way too much time I finally figured out it was simply an evo seed, lol.

Anyway, great mod!

edit2: the spirit empowerer has a recipe for what looks to be a pink-colored spirit leech, but the item has no name. I couldn't find the recipe in recipes.xml (maybe it was added somewhere else but the search term leech found nothing in this mod) nor a reference in en_US.xml (makes sense since there's no name).

Airom @airom

Good catch! You are right, the item evo_gem2 does not exist. The proper item ID would be spirit_gem2, which is the evo spirit gem.

michal_opole @michal-opole

What currency prefers cultivator ??? (green guy levitating above dragon ship factory or wherever you beat him)
I was talking to him with 1k spirit, because I wanted to buy "heart_pedant" (it's 300 spirit) but he always says "not enough spirit!"
Is it an error or is there another currency? (if yes how can I get it) I must have that pedant.

Airom @airom

I have honestly no idea what you are talking about. Heart pendant is not an item I know of, and the cultivator is the green boss found on magic2, and after you defeat it it spawns the vine copse...
Sounds like this is from a different mod. Since I know most of them pretty well, I'd guess curatrixia maybe?

CertifiedAssistBitch @certifiedassistbitch

Hi, this is probably me being dumb, but I can't figure out where to get the spirit distillery. I have it's upgrade blueprint, but the distillery itself is eluding me.

Airom @airom

The spirit distillery should just be a normal structure you can place with the blueprint. No upgrades needed.

matrock14 @matrock14

how did i trap spirits

Airom @airom

You can trap a spirit as a familiar-type if you use a spirit net. If you haven't unlocked that yet, talk to the elder dragon.

Cabal-2140 @cabal-2140

How to kill a Spirit?oO

Airom @airom

Progress through the game and eventually you will obtain weapons that can damage them.