Spirit Sandbox for Aground

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Published by etrotta (mod ID: 147179)


You do almost anything you wish inside of your Realm, from releasing enemies you caught outside to painting around with tiles.

To start the quest, talk to the Spirit after defeating the final boss.







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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

This looks awesome. Sadly my computer isn’t hooked up and isn’t going to be for awhile so I have some questions.
1: can you make an entrance into your realm wherever you want?
2:Can you do anything you want?
3: because it’s a spirit realm can you fly?
4:if you can do anything in your realm can you give yourself items or make the item exist?
5:can you summon NPC’s and structures you can’t get such as the research station? If that’s possible then I can just summon in hundreds of researchers right?

If you reply then thank you. I’m just counting down the seconds to try this out when my computer is set up!

etrotta @etrotta

1) You can create and plant entrances just like most magic structures - they will remember where you came from
3) You can fly
2,4 & 5) You can only do as much as you can do in normal areas, with a few notable exceptions [provided as items when you first enter the spirit sandbox]:
-You can place any tiles in order to decorate it (build cages for captured animals, make a non-functional house or whatever)
-You can capture most enemies in other areas and release them in there to have company
(*a handful should be blacklisted)
There are also two other items, one dedicated to teleporting around without breaking blocks and the other one dedicated to moving the entrance so that you can reposition it.

Overall, it is meant to be a sandbox-ish area you where can build your base as usual but enter from anywhere & decorate a bit better because of the tile placer and the catcher.

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

So I can capture enemy’s and put them in my own personal world?
That sounds cool! Do I have to catch them in a net or something?

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

I’m a little confused though. If I want to put a boss in there like the Megolemech in the picture there what if I already beat it? Is it like your morph mod where you can summon in any creature you killed as many times as you want?

etrotta @etrotta

I probably changed the blacklist in order to prevent you from catching the Megolemech some time after I took the print :P
I was thinking about updating the Catcher a while ago but forgot when I did the last update, however as it stands today you must Catch anywhere then Release inside of your realm.
Visiting the other realms can be a fast way to get catch ""pets"" though ;)

Ghoste941 @ghoste941

I like this mod a lot, its a wonderful idea, and the price to doing the dimesion is pretty fair tbh
here is a few suggestions to improve
1-Make the place tile similar to the building one, or like the shovel, only add blocks below you can be a little hard to control
the idea i suggest is to allow you to "target" the place where you will place the blocks(or chunks of blocks, like 3x3 2x2 etc)
2-Allow to add passive enemies, not just frozen ones, a spirit fish targeting you is a little annoying
I dont explored the extra dimesions yet, but look like a cool concept
If you dont want to add this, or is to hard to be added, no problem, i'm just trying to give ideas of how to improve
anyway, i love the mod idea, is so cool to have your own personal dimesion and personalize it at your will is incredible
thank you so much for doing this mod

etrotta @etrotta

Thanks for the feedback :)

Ghoste941 @ghoste941

tysm for adding my suggestions

Dante2.0 @dante201


Dante2.0 @dante201

when does the spirit in spirit allow you to make a place to call your own?

etrotta @etrotta

It should unlock as soon as you defeat the final boss