Space Catwalks for Aground

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Published by Alchemist187 (mod ID: 66771)


This mod adds Space Catwalks; exteriors to Orbital Space Stations! These catwalks can be constructed using prefab blueprints or manually via item placement. There are 4 prefab blueprints:

  • Small Catwalks; 8 tiles wide
  • Large Catwalks; 16 tiles wide
  • Two Story Catwalk: 2 rows of 16 tiles, separated by a 2x4 formation of Space Ladders
  • Three Story Catwalk: 3 rows of 16 tiles, each separated by a 2x4 formation of Space Ladders

These structures are composted of Space Walkways & Ladders, which are the same as their steel counterparts but do not have a height limit.

The prefab blueprints can be purchased from the Mirrows, or printed at the Blueprint Printer.

The Space Walkway & Ladder can be made at the Advanced Lab.

This mo also adds an uncraftable Grassy Space Walkway, which can be obtained via commands. Don't think about this one too hard.





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Void_ @eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The Grassy Space Walkway is 1 pixel taller than the normal Space Walkway and it is very noticeable and annoying. That is why i made a fixed version.

санс1644573698 @1644573698


gymnoitan @gymnoitan

Alchemist? I'm having trouble dismantling a large Space Catwalk. Standing on top of it while spamming the hotkey for "Dismantle Blueprint" doesn't seem to be working. Any recommendations?
Post Script: Perhaps building it right beside my Space Station and on to of my Space Tug (Colony Ship Engineer mod) was a bad idea. I can't use the bloody thing until I get rid of the Catwalk.
Post Post Script: Just one more thing. Am I (or anyone else, for that matter) more likely to get a more rapid response by asking something here? Or is someone more likely to receive a quicker response if the questioner asks on the Discord?

Airom @airom

I've made an updated version of this mod (which should be released soon) which changes the way prefabs work which allows them to be dismantled.

trinitrotoluene2048 @trinitrotoluene2048

go onto the ladder then dismantle it but if it is small or large space catwalk then IDK.

gymnoitan @gymnoitan

It is, sadly, a Large Space Catwalk. This means that there is no legitimate way that I can think of to get rid of it short of uninstalling the mod.

LuVenBen @na4302683

how do you get rid of them

Alchemist187 @alchemist187

You should be able to use the dismantle blueprint while standing on them.

LuVenBen @na4302683

Thank you!
That file is long gone by now tho