Robo Pen for Aground

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A simple mod adding one new structure - the Robo Pen. While quite expensive, it can pay for itself by autocollecting items for you while you are away doing more interesting stuff.

How to use

The blueprint for the new structure can be bought from the shady merchant at Sunset Haven. Once bought, you can build it anywhere, even underground.

The Robo Pen fits three animals of the any variety and autocollects any of their products as soon as they are ready (with up to 5 second delay). The collected items are put into the islands main storage - if there is none, none are collected!

The pens produce items differently based on the island you are on.

If you are on the same island as the Robo Pen, the progress bar will grow and the Robo Pen will automatically gather any ready resources.

If you have Robo Pens on another islands, those will all be pooled together and based on the amount of animals, you will regulary get one resource based on number of the animals and time (so if you fill a dozen of Robo Pens with wyrms, you will receive a dragoonblood every half minute).









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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

Will the robo pen work on a space ship such as the colony ship?

sporefreak @sporefreak

It seems like the robo pens are not working correctly or just inconsistently, I place 3 down filled with 9 gold golems and get a ton of gold after 10 or so minutes but place 6 down filled with 18 mechanical wyrms and come back to 1-2 uranium after an hour of gameplay.
They also do not seem to collect at all while I am actively on their island and will just fill and sit at full progress.

VorTechnix @vortechnix

The latest update should have fixed that problem. Let us know if it didn't.

Airom @airom

Since this mod is so old, there is a good chance parts of it are broken. I'll try to contact gASK and see if we can get an update out.

Airom @airom

Edit to that - because of farmer bots, the mod is mostly obsolete and there is a low chance of an update.

nononomax @nononomax

why make different from wyrm pens?

gASK @gask13

Becase wyrm pens do not autocollect resources like robopen does.

nononomax @nononomax

I mean the type of familiars.....

0baconraptor0 @0baconraptor0

an update would be nice as gold golems can't be put in them, though they can be put in regular wyrm pens

Grand_Wyrm @grand-wyrm

can i build it in space using other mods?

Viaspo @viaspo

There is no mod.xml file in the newest version, so it doesn't register. Please include it in a patch.

gASK @gask13


this is a persistent issue with removing the files inside the zip. I will fix this and contact the mod team.

akemihomura89 @akemihomura89

Könntest du den Robo Pen updaten, für die neue Version.
Damit man auch die neuen Tiere/Monster darin züchten kann.

akemihomura89 @akemihomura89

Echt nice, automatisch 3 Tiere in 1 Gehege aubernten wenn sie fertig sind.
ich hab 4 gebaut und das ist schon echt der hammer.
1 mit 3x Jungdrachen, 1 mit 3x diode wolfs, 1 mit 3x Kühe und 1 mit 3x Hühner