Ring for Aground

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Add ring items and a new ring slot! Talk to the alchemist for more details.

All the changes in the latest update are done by Airom. I didn't help anything.

This mod is no longer updated.







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pnamvnch @pnamvnch

how to use this mod

notnoodlez @notnoodlez

ive only been able to make one type of ring per savefile
i have the materials for a shadow ring but i already made an ice ring. and the alchemist doesnt say anything about making more rings

Airom @airom

Try going fishing, you should be able to obtain more rings that way.

demimind @scaleb94

On a file after everything has been done. Got the shiny ring but it doesn't say it does anything, and it wasn't clear how to get rusty rings as I couldn't recall what the alchemist said and there's no quests to find them. Or how to find recipes for rings.

leok1984 @leok1984

Shiny increases bargaining.
You can get rusty rings fishing in the starting island.
If you have Halberdier Pack, it is possible that you will never get a rusty ring (only rusty trident). The same problem can happen with other mods that change fishing items/fishs.

ayhan_ayupp @ayhan-ayupp

How can i make Light ring ?
Wich item needs for make it.

Airom @airom

I believe you need a headlamp?

Airom @airom

Just a warning to users, this mod breaks vanity items, and, in beta, equipment rendering as well

Airom @airom

Note: As of v1.2.0 all parts of this mod are working, including those that possibly weren't before

jimmy_the_angel @jimmy-the-angel

Would you be so kind as to add the possibility to set vanity items? I really like the mod so I don't want to disable it to set vanity items.

ayhan_ayupp @ayhan-ayupp

can you find rusty ring from fishing
ring recipes:
plant ring : rusty ring + plant eye
thorn ring :rusty ring + horn
helium ring: rusty ring + helium sack
dark ring : rusty ring + shadow fur
electiric ring : rusty ring + electric eel (electric fish)
ıce ring : rusty ring + ice heart
water ring : rusty ring + fin
shiny ring : rusty ring + pearl

leonardo @leonardo

I didn't read the speach that the alchemist said to me at the beginning, so i have no indication where to find others rusty rings, can you repeat it?

jimmy_the_angel @jimmy-the-angel

Can you give a hint where to find Rusty Rings? The alchemist gave me one, when I brought him a Helium Pack he combined it to a Helium Ring. The description says it flies, but with only the Helium Ring equipped I can't fly. And do I have to search for recipes or will they automatically be added to the Laboratory?

nphhpn @nphhpn

The alchemist gave a clue how to find another ring, you just didn't notice it.
About the helium ring, it flies, not you. The description is related to ring effect, but the logic is sometimes weird (and the effect is sometimes hard to be noticed)
And the recipe will be automatically added once you unlocked the ring.

jimmy_the_angel @jimmy-the-angel

Nevermind, I looked at the game files, and while I don't understand anything really well I got a hint where to look. Thanks!

Derpymerp @derpymerp

this will not conflict with the vampire cape's shadow ring item and bracelet slot?

nphhpn @nphhpn

This may result in weird slot position and hence break the hotkey system for mainhand and offhand. Other things are (maybe) fine