Utility Bots for Aground

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Refill Bot: Uses Items from the island's storehouse to keep fuel bars filled.

Spirit Refill Bot: Uses Items from the Spirit Storage to keep fuel bars filled.

Collector Bot: Collects items from smelter-type structures (kitchens, magic structures, etc).

Spirit Collector Bot: Collects items from smelter-type structures (kitchens, magic structures, etc) and puts them directly into the Spirit Storage.

Lumberjack Bot: Cuts down trees in the area.

Fisher Bot: Goes fishing off the nearest shore.

NOTE: Any bots that cannot reach their desired destination WILL CAUSE LAG. If you start to experience extreme lag, try seeing if any of your bots aren't moving.

NOTE: Non-spirit classes cannot access vehicle inventories. For use in vehicles, use spirit-class bots.








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prodjim @the-dishonored-one

i have a suggestion:make a trader bot,is a normal bot that can trade,you can make 3 levels, 1.the starting island markets. 2.the sunset haven markets.3. the bunker markets

leosaki2008 @leosaki2008

i had a question, can you add a hunter bot that kills the animals but it also stores the items?
like 100 weight max i guess, this would be a great help

Airom @airom

An upgraded war bot is a good idea. I'll add it to the list of possible ideas.

SennelRC @sennel1591846619

do you think this mod will be put on steam?

Airom @airom

Keeping mods updated on steam is sort of a pain, so I usually just upload here. I probably should upload this one to steam seeing as its pretty popular.

Noobinho159 @noobinho159

Sorry to bother you anymore I want to know if you have how to put mods on the Aground website

Airom @airom

I don't know what you mean - are you asking how to publish a mod here on

Fidulus @fidulus

Hy there,
i tried the fishing bot. It does go down the jetty and starts fishing as it should be. But as soon as it gets 1 fish it stops completely. Doesn't continue to fish, doesn't bring it back to the Warehouse.
The warehouse is right next to the jetty.
Does it work with warehouses or does it have to be a storehouse? (didn't test it yet)

Airom @airom

The fisher bot uses the vanilla game's fishing AI, so everything should work properly. Can you by chance test in the same area as the Fisherman NPC?

Fidulus @fidulus

thanks for the quick and kind reply. Was my own fault (again). It was on divider island, so i had two storehouses, one storehouse on the west side and one warehouse on the east side. As soon as i opened up a path underground the bot worked as intended.

Airom @airom

Yeah, the bots don't have support for two storehouses because it should be impossible to have 2 storehouses in an area... must be possible only on the divider island.

demimind @scaleb94

I just checked. It is impossible to build more than one storage, even on Divider Island

Airom @airom

If you build a storehouse before you unlock the warehouse with the pirate's key, you can have two. That is the only way, aside from cheating.

mkeloading @mkeloading

A few suggestions, underwater equivalents of bots would be nice(available in magic path), being able to pack up bots, and also, lumberjack doesnt chop crystal tree.

Airom @airom

Both good suggestions, I already coded the packing up but forgot to upload it. I also have a couple other changes to make, I'll try to get an update out soon.

mkeloading @mkeloading

Oh, and also, could you make it compatible with some of Recolligo's structures like fish trap manager? Im making a Hi-Tech Part farm using fish traps on Earth, and the bots dont seem to collect from that.

Airom @airom

The collector bots should collect from the fish farm, I think. You've made sure there is a storehouse in the area and the bots can reach all fish farms and the storehouse? Earth does have water and the bots cannot cross that (and I can't change that)

graemewiebe @graemewiebe

bruh you need to update it so you can pack up the bots

ayhan_ayupp @ayhan-ayupp

ı was wondering if you could build a more powerful miner bot.
like miner bot with mining 8 (for deeper mines )

Airom @airom

Sorry for the late reply, but the reason vanilla doesn't have this and I didn't add it is because the bot could mine sand by accident and cause a flood.

lordnightmare301 @lordnightmare301

or 9