Recolligo for Aground

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Published by lybell (mod ID: 81527)


Recolligo is designed for a great cycle of resources, with few resources being discarded and better productivity. And this mod adjusted the imbalance between science and magic routes(but not completely the same), improved the quality of life.


-Add many whole new items!

  • Add lard. Boars drop this, and It can be made with cooking oil.
  • Add honey shard, honey, honey-related foods. It is dropped by meat tree wasp.
  • Add 8 new potions. They give a powerful buff.
  • Add tree fertilizer, mossy fertilizer. Tree fertilizers grow trees quickly, and mossy fertilizers terraform the ground under your feet.
  • Add bucket. It can drain water, or place water.
  • Add evo-modifying items. They have little bit powerful modification.
  • Add boulder, boulder-related items. Boulder is basic earth-element resource. Golems drop this.
  • Add decoy bell. It respawns enemies immediately!
  • Add deliver drone. It transfers all items except player's sticky item to the nearest storehouse. (after v1.2.0)
  • Add spirit harvester. It consumes spirit, and accesses farms remotely. (after v1.2.0)
  • Add bot controller. It can deploy or pack up all bots in the area at once! (after v1.3.0)
  • Add 9 new equipment, 3 spellbooks.
  • Add 3 new rails/cables.
  • Add combo berry field. It produces berries, red berries, ice berries.
  • And... more items!

-Add many whole new structures also!

  • Fish trap. It placed on water/underwater. It produces items obtained by fishing, and the types of items vary depending on the place.
  • Research center. It produces resources from mobile lab.
  • Smelter-manager type structures. They harvest all Smelter type structures(like particle accelerator) in current area.
  • 2 new magic flowers. Oxy flower refills oxygen, Light lily glows.
  • Airlift. It can send or receive items to a storehouse on another island.
  • Bank. You can deposit coins or withdraw them elsewhere. And you can send coins to other players. The maximum coin that can be stored is 100 million coins.
  • Altar. It provides a buff to the players around.
  • Laurel Copse. You can modify a lot of familiars at once. (after v1.3.0)

-Add extremely fast vehicle, Hypermobile.

  • It has extremely fast speed(but maybe not the fastest vehicle).
  • You can instantly summon hypermobiles from the hypermobile station, or using hypermobile beacon.
  • The hypermobile can created from both science and magic routes.

-Add new familiars and bots!

  • Now stinger, skyfish, blue crab, lampfish can be tamed. And they produce items in wyrm pen or coral pen.
  • Meat tree wasp can be tamed, evolved to the queen bee. It produces honey shards.
  • A powerful new bot, Guardian mech. It can be placed in the field for patrol or fight together.
  • Skyfish can be obtained in a special way. Find it in the game!
  • Repair bot, Healer Spirit. They automatically feed fuel into your smelter-type structure, Repair your spaceship. And When you make the journey with them, they regen your health. (after v1.3.0)
  • Magic familiar-bot, Hunter spirit. Like guardian mech, it can be placed in the field for patrol or fight together. (after v1.3.0)
  • Advanced farmer bot. It has a more efficient track than a normal bot. (after v1.3.0)

-And Modifications.

  • Now you can take a pig and cow with a pet.
  • Now pig produces lard, instead of milk.
  • Worker bot can pick up items.
  • Colony mineral market sells chromium, moissanite.
  • You can build spirit storehouse underground.
  • Monoliths can be labeled.(until v1.2.4)
  • You can toggle enemy drone's mode.
  • Snowy conifer, crystal tree can be planted.
  • You can make diamond, AI core, coral pen seed, coral farm seed, monolith, pig, cow, chicken, etc.
  • The remaining polymer paper can be recycled.
  • You can put alien hearts into the particle accelerator.
  • Now Book of return can return to the nearest spaceship or bed. (after v1.2.0)
  • Now planted Spirit Tree can change elements by using focus gems. (after v1.2.0)
  • Now focus gems can clear the equipment's element when used in modification. (after v1.3.0)
  • Now you can remotely order to cafeteria.(Special thanks to Airom) (after v.1.3.0)
  • Now you can put a war bot on the exo fighter. (after v.1.3.0)


There has 6 addons now. The mods listed below have extra things included within Recolligo's code.

  • Extra Additions : Original mod by Leafyluigi. Earth-equipment can be made with boulder or pebble. And rusty axe can be recycled.
  • Spirits Plus : Original mod by Airom. Spirit familiars can be placed in coral pen, but they produce more resources in evo spirit distiller. And spirit fox helm, spirit robes, spirit bow can be recycled. Recolligo's new spirit familiars appear in Spirit Maze.
  • Robo Pen : Original mod by gASK. Add some of recolligo's familiar to it.
  • Tranquilizer Gun : Original mod by gASK. Add torpedo net. And skyfish can be trapped with tranquilizer gun.
  • Space Catwalks : Original mod by Alchemist(jgrable634). Allows the Mirrows to sell blueprints of space catwalks and that of recolligo at the same time.
  • MagicPlus : Original mod by Etrotta. Add golem soul, and alter crystal can transform blue crab to crab blade.

This is completed mod, but there may be bugs that I don't know. If you found bugs, please contact ❄Lybell_❄#5078 through the UAMT discord server.





















recolligo_1.0.5.zip437.97kb1.0.5[do not download]







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demimind @scaleb94

What recipe did you use for the coral pen and farm seeds? I think they recently became craftable in the plain talon copse in a recent update for magnegems and blood gems.

lybell @lybell

8 fish scales, and 4 alter gems(coral pen), 20 fish scales, 8 alter gems, and 1 water gem(coral farm).
Recently, many things in Recolligo were really added in vanilla 2.0.5, however this is only remain thing. In Vanilla, fish scale and alter gem are not used regularly, so I made coral pen recipe using them.(But magnegem and blood gem are used a lot.)

demimind @scaleb94

What's exo fur for? seems there's a few features not part of the full list. I have a file with both paths completed. Is there anything else not listed here that comes with this mod?

lybell @lybell

Exo Fur? There is no exo fur, just evo shadow fur. Modifying it increases 1 spirit damage of the equipment.

demimind @scaleb94

Evo/Exo, I get them mixed up pretty easily; I am a hybrid path player after all.

matrock14 @matrock14

where can i do cows and chickens?

lybell @lybell

Cows and chickens recipe? After completing all quests in unnature sanctuary, you can craft them with 1 dino dna and others in the surgery lab.

Donoya90909 @donoya90909

Hey. Great looking mod. Quick question: how do I unlock the research center and altar blueprints? Do I need the mobile lab? (I'm also unsure how to get that, but that's a base game thing, I think).

lybell @lybell

1.The Research Center Blueprint can be obtained by doing research on the mobile lab.
2.Altar seeds can be obtained at the end of the magic route.

demimind @scaleb94

What end? HQ structure, Spirit World?

lybell @lybell

HQ structure.

nononomax @nononomax

Fish trap management has failed.

nononomax @nononomax

all management has failed.

lybell @lybell

It fixed in v1.2.2, It works well to me.
Could you please explain more detail?
Press ctrl + shift + D to show up a command window and send me the screenshot to Discord.

nononomax @nononomax

now it is work!!
if the Research center can produce iron & coal that replace robo almost.

lybell @lybell

It'll be fixed next patch

jessica987 @jessica987

This mod is fantastic!!!
I can't find the fish trap, is it a blueprint or a placeble item?

lybell @lybell

Thank you for enjoying our mod! Its blueprint can be bought from lurker(shady salesman).

Grand_Wyrm @grand-wyrm

Hey, first of all, i want to say that this mod looks incredibly promising and has amazing art, second of all, the latest version of the mod doesn't register as a mod for the game, might want to fix that

lybell @lybell

What's mean that "mod doesn't regiater as a mod for the game"? If there is a fatal error in this mod, please leave a comment or contact me through discord to resolve it.

Grand_Wyrm @grand-wyrm

Well when subscribing to the mod nothing happens game wise but when i try to manually install it by dragging the zip file into the game window it throws the error: The .Zip file does not have a mod.xml file or is not a valid mod when responding to this, mind giving me your discord name and tag and ill dm you

lybell @lybell

Ah, That's my mistakes occurred when compressing. I'll fix it today.

Grand_Wyrm @grand-wyrm

Thanks a lot, and i wanted to ask, did you make the mod art by yourself?

lybell @lybell

All art was made by myself.

Grand_Wyrm @grand-wyrm

Then you are one amazing artist i have to say, are you in the UAMT discord server, if yes then be sure to dm me, my user name is Grand Wyrm, thanks