Realistic Gasses for Aground

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Published by VorTechnix (mod ID: 181)


This mod is designed to be a foundation for future gas-based items in game.

The atomic weight of helium is 4.0026 Da and the atomic weight on nitrogen is 14.007 Da. Its relative (r) weight -10 so that value is set the game by this mod. By adding helium sacs to your pack you can now remove 10 units of weight per sac.

Included gasses:

Protium -13
Deuterium -12
Tritium -11
Tralphium -13
Helium -12
Oxygen 2
Carbon dioxide 8

Let me know in the comments if there are any other gasses I should consider including.








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Ahuman1625952177 @ahuman1625952177

Me who always has over 1k weight : You are a good modder

LuVenBen @na4302683

i keepthinking the thing says realidtic glasses lol

michal_opole @michal-opole

I've downloaded this mod it is in mods list, but can't find where I can craft items related to this mod :(

VorTechnix @vortechnix

To everyone who had problems with the mod zip: It is now fixed. I know it took forever, I had a bunch of things going on that just kept pushing the update down the priority list.

yuraconst @yuraconst

Instead of storing Hydrogen and Oxygen as own items, I suggest using containers. Each container can hold ten volumes of gas, and has an empty weight of 1.
Next up, a new backpack - Hydrolysis Pack - consume MUCH more energy to drain water, BUT gain Hydrogen and Oxygen into containers. If no empty containers, the pack does nothing.
And the last one, Hydrogen Cell is an Engine module that can be inserted into anything having an "engine" slot. Entering such a vehicle automatically transfers Hydrogen into the Cell if it's not full.

VorTechnix @vortechnix

I have an update already in the making with containers, the pack idea is an interesting one but the hydrogen cell engine idea would be too hard to implement. That said I do have plans for a power plant upgrade.

yuraconst @yuraconst

I generally think that gasses other than Helium should be restricted to some form of container to avoid the mod becoming OP or creeping up the save file with numerous copies of those gas items.
Other than the pack, I have an idea of an electrolysis building - this is 2 tiles taller than the indestructible Shore Chunk, and can (when supplied with power) fill tanks with hydrogen.
Another idea is Fusion Reactor - this takes in Hydrogen and outputs Neon (as soon as Oxygen forms, it gathers hydrogen to become water, which then fuses into Neon)
Overall, the hydrogen oxidisation is the most energy-intense process in the fusion reactor.

gymnoitan @gymnoitan

Wow... this is even less than the manually-manipulated weight I have the Helium sacks set for as -4.

nononomax @nononomax

I have downloaded, but it no show......

fatimakazem @fatimakazem

when i download this mod it says "the zip file does not have a mod.xml file or is not a valid mod"

felipeh11 @felipehenrique

the gasses do not seem like they give less mass now do they?

Harkie @harkie

Looks like the auto install is broken due to the file hierarchy - You just gotta manually move the contents of the "realistic_gasses" folder up by one directory into the mods main folder (in my case \steamapps\common\Aground\.modio\mods\181; also had to restart the game after that). afterwards the weight reduction works and you get 3 new recipes for factory(2) and lab(2).

Derpymerp @derpymerp

Add argon

VorTechnix @vortechnix

And why not Krypton too?! I haven't worked on this mod for a while due to certain limitations of Aground, but I certainly like your idea and I'll see about adding it in if I evere update.