Rain and Scale for Aground

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( Update 1.1.0 : Add weather disabler, now you can disbale weather by one press; add custom controller items for weather and sight, so now you can change all values to create your custom effects easily with them, check third preview GIF to see; also add snow and sand storm two new weathers, and two SFX for them. see update log to know more details. )

This mod adds weather controller and sight distance controller to quickly change them without typing in command window.

Weather is basically for aesthetic, and sight distance is also for that but it also effects gameplay obviously, making sight mod is because I don't like seeing the game zooms sight distance to 2 times when you use some big vehicles, because this breaks the pixel-art feeling. I also add some closer sight distance switchers for more pixel-art and more immersive experience.

Two ways to use this mod, first ctrl+shift+D to open command window, then two choices:

1. type <item id="magic_box"/> then press enter you will get magic box in your inventory, then use it to get all weather and sight switchers from it.

2. or just type these commands one by one to directly get mod items: <item id="w_fog"/> <item id="w_rain1"/> get others by replacing these IDs wtih w_rain2/w_rain5/w_rain10/15/30, s_0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.775/1/1.1

You can simply change these values by editing mod.xml in your game-directory\data\mods\rain_and_scale\

For rain, edit power="xxxx" to change how much rain;

For fog, y="0" means ground line, up is negative value, down is positive value, y="-7" height="6" means at sky line that above 7 tiles from ground, to expand 6 tiles fog to down. You can use command (not include quotation marks) "watch player.tile_x" "watch player.tile_y" "watch player.vehicle.tile_x" "watch player.vehicle.tile_y" to check. If you edit fog you need use both x and y, it doesn't work if you only use one of two.

For scale, 1 is game default value.

I don't know anyway to disable rain/fog except travelling to other area, e.g. from a island to another island, cause wiki doesn't say anyway except that

Rain will disable BGM and use rain SFX instead of, this is storm include thunder and wind, you can see lightning in my preview GIF.

You can bind mod items to hotkey to quickly use, I also recommend this quick time controller , with them you can easily change weather and time in anywhere for aesthetic and immersive experience.

All preview Pics are GIF so you can click/tap to check animation.

Enjoy :D

1.1.0 Update:

Add weather disabler, now you can disbale weather by one press. How it works is first teleport to space then teleport back to where you were. Thanks God, the game doesn't show first space then back, it directly show final result, so looks fine, and also doesn't take any hurt by that instant space.

Add custom controller items for weather and sight, so now you can change all values to create your custom effects easily with them, check third preview GIF to see.

Add two new weathers, snow and sand storm. For snow, at 1.0.0 I tested and thought it looked not good so did't add it, but this time I see it's not bad with at least 2 times fog.

Add two SFX for snow and sand storm because game currently doesn't include sound for them, but right now I have no way to make it works with only mod, so if you want to use these two SFX, you need to follow these steps: 1. place two audio files into game-directory\data\core\music 2. open music.xml in this directory 3. add two lines: <music id="w_snow"/> <music id="w_sand"/> in music.xml 4. rename mod_with_SFX.xml to mod.xml in mod directory.

While these SFX run it will also disable BGM as rain does, because I add these SFX as music not sound.

All new items IDs: reset_weather/w_rain_c/w_fog_c/w_snow_c/w_sand_c/sight_c/w_snow10/15/20/w_sand, use command to get what you want.

Add tips: Rainstorm will set your character carrying to 15, I can't find its codes in game xml files (so it must be in dll or exe) so I can't change it, I can creat my own rainstorm by mixing rain and fog and lightning (if I can find it) and music, or I can build a automatic dynamic player inventory weight changing system, but I don't want to work on these for now, so you can use creative difficulty in game option menu, it can 10times your carrying, although rainstorm still set your your character carrying as 15 but it doesn't effect other backpacks, so you still have huge carrying with any backpacks. Another way is using command player.inventory.weight = xxx to solve it, like player.inventory.weight = -100 , this way is also how I'm doing (enable rainstorm, move all carrying items to chest, then set current player weight to -50 or somevalue). Don't worry, game will reset these command setting when you reload.





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etrotta @etrotta

Why not just one item for each, opening a window then using the input for setting the value? Or even only having one item and having it open one window which lets you open the rest....
(iirc that how time machine, which you even referenced here, works...)
anyway, you might want to join the Aground Modding discord server if you have a discord account

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

You can see the comment I reply to Airom, actually I also discard weight mark to avoid throw selection when I choose them in inventory. I don't have discord account :(

Airom @airom

Interesting idea - though I would recommend combining all of the options, at least for each type of weather, into one item

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

Yes...I guess it's because that's suitable to me because I can skip selection action, but, yes, I should make a combining version for public.