This mod will extend (most if not all of) the unused planets in Aground, primarily the solar system ones.

Current planets:

Mercury - has a landable area, some enemies (the magnewyrms will probably be changed), and it is not yet complete. (I plan to possibly add more enemies, perhaps an NPC, and a surprise) It has a variety of ores, including: sulfur, quartz, titanium, and exotic matter. It is a no oxygen planet. Later on, I plan to add a speed penalty because Mercury is hot. Venus is hotter, so the speed penalty would be there.

Mars - has a landable area, an enemy (rogue rovers), and is also not yet complete. (I plan to possibly add more enemies and a colony [the aliens would have bombed that out also, so it could be more like earth]). As with Mercury, it has a variety of ores, including two new ones, aluminum and magnesium, that are used to make steel-bars (they make a steel-like alloy, so it's close enough). The upper ores on Mars are similar to those on the actual planet, and it includes bands of ice underneath the surface as the real planet also has.

Mercury will possibly be developed in the base game, in which case I will switch it to another system as quickly as I can.

Planned additions:

Other planets,

More Mars and Mercury content,


Please let me know of any un-stated bugs and suggestions.

Known issues: Aluminum and Magnesium ores don't have very good icons and the Mars background jumps when the loop is made (i.e. you go from x=384 to x=0 or vise-versa) because the parallax isn't perfect; will fix. It is more noticeable when inside a space ship than outside.


david_maletz for the nice graphics and dwarf planet Mercury is modeled after.

me for bad graphics and code


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Derpymerp @derpymerp

All colonies in the solar system were probably bombed (They even bombed the moon)

squirleybob @squirleybob

Thank you for the input. I will take that into consideration for Mars content.

Airom @airom

I think some of us have already said this... but if you want to join the modding discord that would be pretty cool, we are always looking for more people with good modding ideas.

squirleybob @squirleybob

I am interested in it, but I don't have a discord account right now and I am not sure if I want to get one yet.

Airom @airom

we'd be glad to have you if you want to join

squirleybob @squirleybob

Thank you. I hope to be on within a few months.

gASK @gask13

Glad to see more planets, there is never enough!

Just two things to add - first, Mercury is most likely gonna be implemented by Terra (along with other planets), so this mod can conflict with it when that happens. Second - you don't have to pack in the whole tiles.png image from core, you can just create one 16x16 tile.png image with your tile and make your mod smaller.

squirleybob @squirleybob

thank you for the suggestion. It will be reduced in the next update.

Cheshire777 @johndoeasironspider

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I belive mercury is going to be a backer planet...

squirleybob @squirleybob

Correction to my statement: Mercury will not be in the next major update, but it may end up in the base game later on.

squirleybob @squirleybob

I talked with david, and he said it would only be a minor planet at most (at least if I remember correctly). If it gets developed, I can remove it or change it to a different system.