Planets Extended for Aground

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Planets Extended has moved! Due to a recent update, Mars was conflicted so I created a new system for my planets (I am planning to move them to one of the backer planet systems). It is the lower-right on the star map and called "Exploration and Discovery."

This mod will extend (most if not all) the unused planets in Aground and add a couple new ones.

Current planets:

Mercury (now Iron Planet) - has a landable area, some enemies (the magnewyrms will probably be changed), and it is not yet complete. (I plan to possibly add more enemies, perhaps an NPC, and a surprise) It has a variety of ores, including: sulfur, quartz, titanium, and exotic matter. It is a no oxygen planet. The core is liquid iron, but I am still working on it so it is unmineable at this point. It is the inner planet in the system.

Mars (now Red Planet) - has a landable area, an enemy (rogue rovers), has no oxygen, and is also not yet complete. (I plan to possibly add more enemies and the remains of a colony [the aliens would have bombed that out also, so it could be more like earth]). As with Mercury, it has a variety of ores, including two new ones, aluminum and magnesium, that are used to make steel-bars (they make a steel-like alloy, so it's close enough). The upper ores on Mars are similar to those on the actual planet, and it includes bands of ice underneath the surface as the real planet also has.

One of the planets has an npc. It allows one quest (a "find" one) by calling his planet on the com station. He allows construction of a new structure, but the resources are vastly more than the structure is currently worth. It will have an interior area with structures in the next major update.

Planned additions:

The moon,

Interior area for the structure (next major update),

More Mars and Mercury content (next major update),

More quests,

Other planets

Please let me know of any un-stated bugs and suggestions.

Known issues: Structure blueprint apparently conflicts (it did anyways) with one (or more) other mods, causing a crash. The reason is unknown as no other mod has the same blueprint.


david_maletz for the nice graphics and dwarf planet Mercury (and Mars to some extent) is modeled after.

me for bad graphics and code










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prodjim @the-dishonored-one

i have a suggestion for this mod: add the sun (you can add spirit fox, and other fire element enemys in this planet),add saturn (with some ruins of a colony,and ruins of a nuclear base).

squirleybob @squirleybob

Saturn is planned (once I am able to get that far). Thanks for the suggestion of the sun; that will likely end up on my "wishlist"

Miguel14re @miguel14re

how to use this mod if it is in version 2.1.4 if the game is in 1.8.9

squirleybob @squirleybob

The mod is version 2.1.4, which is completely unrelated to the game version, 1.8.9. This is because I am using the major-minor-patch version scheme. You can just use this mod like any other one (although recent game updates may cause issues, so please let me know if you come across any).

squirleybob @squirleybob

The structure interior is now complete, and I am working on the expanded Mars (Red Planet)/Mercury (Iron Planet) content. Should I update the mod now to allow access to the structure interior, or wait until more content is available? I appreciate your feedback.

CoolGamer2010 @coolgamer2010

I think you should wait, as the aground team is probably going to add another planet.

squirleybob @squirleybob

Thank you for your input.

ProfessorZeta @apprenticealchemist

This needs an update. Terra added stuff to the com_station building, and that stuff isn't loading because you overwrite that building.

Oh, and it would be nice if you finally joined the modding discord...

squirleybob @squirleybob

I am in the modding discord, but I haven't been able to be on for a while. Thank you for letting me know and I will work on it.

nononomax @nononomax

it make the book list disappear .

squirleybob @squirleybob

Could you explain a bit please? I don't understand you.

nononomax @nononomax

in the inventory,the left side book list is disappear

squirleybob @squirleybob

I will look into that.

Derpymerp @derpymerp

You need to move the planets before the next update, as mars will be a major planet that is required for the magic path. Also, to everyone who will need to reload these areas, here is what you can do: (You must do this after the magic path update, and after a new version of this mod comes out)
1. Leave the area
2. Open up the developer console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+D
3. Type in this EXACT command: player.areas.remove('mars.start')
4. Then press enter, and type in this command: player.areas.remove('mars')
5. Exit the developer console, and re-enter the area

Derpymerp @derpymerp

There are two VERY major bugs in this mod. One: The mars base blueprint causes your game to crash when hovering over it, as it does not seem to build anything. Two: You cannot jump to any other planet from mars orbit.

squirleybob @squirleybob

Would you be able to tell me which mod(s) was (were) causing the conflict so I can possibly fix it?

Derpymerp @derpymerp

All colonies in the solar system were probably bombed (They even bombed the moon)

squirleybob @squirleybob

Thank you for the input. I will take that into consideration for Mars content.

bostonbosbos @bostonbosbos

Maybe also you could add the moon?

squirleybob @squirleybob

I put it on the "planned additions" list.