Ore Scanner for Aground

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This mod allows you to craft a simple device called Ore Scanner that will tell you exact count of every ore you can find in the current area.

The scanner just tells you how much there is, not where to find it. It can also scan unreachable / unmineable areas and ocean floor (if applicable). It uses a quartz crystal that needs to be regulary replaced (every ten uses), so keep that in mind!

The scan process unfortunately takes a couple of seconds during which the game "hangs". I will try to rectify this in the future, but right now I you just have to live with that.





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KyriosMora @kyriosmora

To reduce the scanning time, perhaps this:
As soon as the game starts, your script activates. Have your script begin counting materials immediately but insert a delay in the loop. Say, a 50 millisecond delay. This will slow down the loop and prevent lag. Then, just store the count of materials and report the value when the player activates the scanner.

Or, create a little scanning visual of the landscape. Perhaps access the Sonar code and model that. This way. the "hang" is hidden by a little video/illustration of ores. If that doesn't work, perhaps just a little illustration of looking at a hand held scanner and put the count *live* so the "hang" is actually watching the numbers increase per ore. That would actually be cool to see, in fact.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but if you can track the ores being mined, then you can update the scanner count as each material is removed from the earth or placed into storage.

Great mod.


gASK @gask13

Thanks for the suggestions, those are all great. There are other ways to make it faster as well (low level code stuff), but it was made mostly as a proof-of-concept and a single purpose mod and I don't plan to update it in the future.

DIOMDIOM @diomdiom

como faço para ter esse item?

CoolGamer2010 @coolgamer2010

how do you craft it?

deadvexer @deadvexer

How do install the mod?????????

gASK @gask13

Same as other mods, there are a couple of options:
- log in to from the game and then subscribe to this mod
- download the MOD zip file and drag it to the game window when in menu
- download the MOD and manually unpack it into the game's mod folder