As soon as you load any save, you'll receive a Notebook item (placeholder icon*)

Warning: Avoid using $ # @ ' " or any numbers

If you do so, you may be unable to open your Notebook.

In which case, you can use the following commands on the dev console:

player.getString("notebook_notes"); to recover your notes as a ugly string

player.setString("notebook_notes",""); to reset your notebook, deleting all notes.

This mod is more of a proof of concept and is not completely polished. I may update it further, if so be requested.

If anyone cares, here's the reasons why you should not use the listed above:

  • $, # and @ are all used for separating the parts of the code, since I throw everything in the same string so I need of some way to organize it.
  • ' and " are used to determine strings start/ends in pretty much all code languages
  • numbers are used for saving the ID, to allow for users to have, delete or edit notes with the same title and/or description. )


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