Mushy for Aground

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Note: I will try to let you ride Mushy soon :3

UPDATE1- You can now upgrade Mushy at the Synthesizer in order to ride it! (*You won't be able to equip it as a familiar any longer if you do so)

UPDATE2 - You can only craft one Mushy "variant" now, but you can ride it or use as a familiar at any time :D

PS: Craft at synthesizer

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Harkie @harkie

it's a little bugged - when you select to mount it, it spawns the vehicle version, but the original item stays in your inventory, so when you pick up the mount you get a duped copy every time :/

etrotta @etrotta

Should™ be fixed now, I made the little update that makes so that it requires of MagicPlus but may have caused some incompatibilities :p
*incompatibilities with older versions of Mushy, like "file incomplete" and that kind of sht

etrotta @etrotta

Taking a quick look at the code it should work, but I'll make it require of MagicPlus and use the procedure/functions from WarPets [familiar riding] later.... These were "refined" more recently so might work better. Mushy code is a bit of a mess tbh...

Harkie @harkie

hi again! just checked the dupe fix and seems to work all fine, but it looks like the mounted movement animation might have broken. Now when riding Mushy the player char is fixed/glued to his mounted position as Mushy jumps up and down moving forward - looks pretty awkward and I can see in the preview screenshot how the player position should adjust with the hopping.

etrotta @etrotta

I must have forgotten update the animation id to match the new vehicle.... easy fix if so, gonna edit after fixing&uploading;
Edit: Fixed and am gonna upload it now.
Turns out I had forgotten to "import" the player animations and langs xD