Morph for Aground

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Getting Started

After installing the mod, talk to the Miner to receive a basic Shifting Stone which allows for you to Morph into enemies.

If you don't like to select from the list every time you want to transform into something, talk to the Alchemist (or his ghost if he's dead) after getting the Shifting Stone and he will give you a quest to craft a Tuned Shifting Stone - which you can Tune to any enemy you can Morph into, in order to swap between different forms faster.


Most of the code by etrotta

Icon art by ChesireX42

Inspiration and play-testing by Anorak2023

Plus some other stuff by people on Aground Modding discord server (dialogues, camera offset etc)






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Platypusking @normanwongcm01

can i become the wyrm queen

Platypusking @normanwongcm01


TeHIdioticBoii191 @tehidioticboii191

its nice mode tho

bvnht @bvnht

huh, apparently when in morph you have no weight limit

bvnht @bvnht

for some reason its not working with the panther (shadow_cat), is that intentional?

etrotta @etrotta

I think so, I'm fairly sure that it did not work well because of the attack animation or because of the hiding mechanic thus I disabled it instead. You can enable it by using the toggling option in the item, but it would probably not be very fun

coolgirl @coolgirl

this Is very cool now I can be my adult dragon but I havent downloded it yet

fronterhouse44 @fronterhouse44

what are the mystery ingedents

etrotta @etrotta

What are you speaking about?.. Probably not from this mod
EDIT: Ah wait, the quest? You'll find out sooner or later if you progress the vanilla story, I did not expect for players to use this mod on their first playthrough tbh

RinTori12345 @rintori12345

how do you finnish the quest? after getting the sshifting stone?

RinTori12345 @rintori12345

Actually Nevermind

kapikkas @kapikkas

Great mod, but I recommend to play with it only if you play like 4th-6th time, because it changes how you play game and is quiet OP and way to easy to get, I mean something is chasing you and you simply change into the old one and zap it with power beam, beacause you killed it, bombardment won't stay a challenge, the old one vs alien crew, not so hard. I might be wrong but I don't want to mess with this mod right now because I still haven't got last ending. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Spriy @spriy

When I select the shifting stone in my inventory and click "morph", it just closes the inventory window. Is something else supposed to happen?

etrotta @etrotta

Weird, contact me on discord ( my username is etrotta#3846 - dm me or mention me on the server on the mod description ), there could be some incompatibility or you might be using an outdated game version

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

Maybe you can put up a list of mobs that you can and canโ€™t change into.

etrotta @etrotta

It seems like our bot (which messages me on discord when someone comments on my mods) was offline when you posted the other question... Let me address both questions in this reply:
-> There is an option to "disable Safety Overwrites" or something like this in-game, which allows for you to morph into anything. However, stuff marked as blacklisted is not officially supported (as in, it would be too much of a hassle to make them work properly or at least in a fun way).
*However, even among those, they should not crash nor inflict permanent harm to your save, if any (whenever vanilla or from another mod) does please let me know.
-> There is a blacklist.xml file contained on the mod's zip that contains the ID of all blacklisted mobs. Anything not included in that list can be morphed into, including mobs from other mods. Hit me up on discord ( etrotta#3846 ) and I can identify any mobs you do not recognize from that list, but do not expect a complete nominal list.
-> Both the old one and the aliens are not fully supported but should work reasonably well, I think that you cannot fly as them though.
-> The morphs are treated as vehicles ; so no, you cannot equip armor nor fly ships while morphed.

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

Hey! I have a very important question! Can you play as the old one or an alien? If you can then can you fly as them? Can you equip armor or do you have all of their stats. Can you fly ships as another mob?

Fredwatson1010 @fredwatson1010

amazing concept. I have no idea how modding works so this stuff amazes me. my only thought is perhaps making it a late or end game magic item. maybe purchasable in the spirit realm?

etrotta @etrotta

I wanted for it to be available since the start, like a new mechanic/feature, akin to how the Minecraft mod worked.
(Namely but sort of also I guess, I haven't played with the later but it seems to have the same premise)

lazerman329 @lazerman329

Does this work for bosses?

etrotta @etrotta

I ""blacklisted"" most bosses and some other enemies I did not want to let the player morph into, but the item allows for you to Toggle Safety Overrides - which is a complicated way to say "ignore the blacklist"... although I do not take responsibility for weird behavior when morphing into creatures from other mods or anything blacklisted
(even though most things should be fine ; but do let me know if anything is way too broken like red text, black game screen or desktop crash)