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The following items now can be researched in the Mobile Lab:
AI Core, Magnegem, Power Core Parts, Iron Ore, Diamond, Wood, Silk, Sulfur, Cloth, and Saltpeter (if Bombs mod is enabled).

Magical Research Lab: Unlike many other magic structures, the seed is obtained from the Evolution Chamber or you can buy it directly from the Fish Merchant.
The Magical Research Lab allows you to research many common and uncommon magical items!

If Recolligo mod is enabled, you can also craft the seed of the Magical Lab Harvester. Once it is built, it automatically collects from all of your Magical Researching Labs!

You can play mods in any of the following two ways.

1-By subscription.
1) Create a new account on if you have not already created it.
2) Verify your account through email and start subscribing to the mods you want to play.
3) Open Aground and click on the “mods” category on the title page.
4) Click "Login to" and then enter the email which you used to create the account.
5) Enter the five-digit code that would be sent to your email and start enjoying the mods!

2-By downloading the mod files.
1) Download the mod files of the mods you want to play by clicking the download button.
2) A zip file will be downloaded. Extract its contents to find a folder.
3) Copy and paste that folder into Aground's mod folder. If you are a Steam user then you can find Aground's mod folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aground\data\mods.
4) Once you have pasted the mod file into Aground's mod folder, you can start enjoying the mod!

For more information, join the discord server!
Aground Official server - Fancy Fish Games
Aground Modding server - Aground Modding

If you want to make a suggestion or report a bug, feel free to write it in the comment section or mention it in the discord server.
Enjoy this mod!









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