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Created by styler659 (mod ID: 92034)


(Combined magical research mod)

Add the following item in the mobile research lab-

1) Al Core

2) Magnegem

3) Scale Mail

4) Power Core Parts

5) Iron Ore

6) Diamond

7) Wood

8) Spirit Detector

9) Coin Purse

10) Sulphur

11) Cloth

12) Saltpetre { if you have (bombs!!!) mod }

(Thanks to gASK for giving permission to add the recipe of saltpetre in my mod.)

Preview of the mod is shown in the video given aside.

MAGICAL RESEARCH MOD (Combined with More Research Mod)

As many players might have set up their colony location in another star system so it would be difficult to trade with the fish merchant and buy magical items hence by using this mod, it would be easy to create a magical research lab (blueprint available in mobile lab) which researches on magical items that are sold by the fish merchant.

Now you can research on magical items like scientific items in the mobile lab or research center(recolligo mod).

No fuel or electricity is required to research items. The only thing required is building a magical research lab.

ENJOY on researching magical items.

Thanks to Airom for suggesting to combine mods.

This mod for the full version is complete, but addons will be coming soon.






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