More Quest for Aground

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Created by styler659 (mod ID: 94179)


Now NPCs will give more quest. This mod is currently in development more versions will be coming with an increase in the quest. ALSO, the CONCEPT of tea and coffee is added now.


1) Builder wants a party will you present it?

2) Builder is not feeling well can you help him out?

3) Farmer wants to do work, will you give him a work?

4) Will you help farmer in enhancing the soil?

5) Miner has a birthday will you make it peaceful?

6) Miner has a problem of getting stuck in mining can you solve it out?

7) Trader wants to have a delicious snack can you give him?

8) Hunter wants to capture animals will you help him?

9) Can you improve the way of hunting?

10) Mechanic wants to extend the island will you help her out?

11) Mechanic demands new tools will you gather her new tools?

12) Can you help alchemist in studying dragons?

13) Can you get fisherman new rod?

14) Exiled wants some food you have on your planet will you make him enjoy it?

15) CaptaIn is trying to detect any threat by aliens in future will you support him?

16) Elder dragon in cultivator island is hungry can you satisfy his hunger?

17) Scavenger is feeling too cold can you help him?

18) Professor wants to research on hi-tech parts can you gather it?

19) Mirrows wants to experiment on some animals will you make it successful? (Thanks to Lybell for fixing the bug in the quest)

20) Sea witch wants snaptopus for ink can you gather it? (Thanks to Lybell for fixing the bug in the quest)

For all these quests download the mod.

Preview of the mod is shown in the video given aside.


If someone wants any suggestion then please write in comments.








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Airom @airom

I have a couple suggestions for your mods in general:
1. Please check your spelling and grammar before uploading
2. Consider if what you are uploading is quality content which other people will enjoy, I.E does it add valuable and balanced content. If that answer is no, think about what you can change to make it so! The best mods are planned out and rigorously tested before they are uploaded to the community.

styler659 @styler659

I am new in programming I just learn it from seeing other mods I try my best to make less mistake I test my mod befor uploading 3 to 4 times. Can you tell where is error so that I may improve it. Thanks for supporting me