More energy for Aground

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Published by Styl-getsetfly (mod ID: 129888)


This mod adds new types of fuels such as methane gas, thorium, kerosene, etc with interesting questlines. To begin, talk to the miner after completing the "factory" quest. Miner had found a strange cave with strange ores and enemies. Help miner to clear the way. The place of entrance for you to go will be deep underground from where you have spoken to the miner for the quest.

If you want to play mods, you can play mods in any of the 2 ways.

1-By subscription.
1)Create a new account on if you didn't create yet.
2)Verify your account on email and start subscribing to the mods which you want to play.
3)Open aground and click on the "mods" category in the aground's title page.
4)Click "Login to" then enter the email by which you had created the account.
5)A 5digit code would be sent to your email, enter that and enjoy the mods!

2-By downloading the mod files.
1)Download the mod files of those mods which you want to play by clicking the download button.
2)A zip would be downloaded, extract its file content. A folder would come out of that.
3)Paste that folder into the aground's mod file. If you are a steam user then you would find aground's mod file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aground\data\mods.
4)Once you have pasted the mod file in the aground mod folder then you can start enjoying the mod!

For more information join the discord server!
Aground Official server -
Aground Modding server -

If you want to make a suggestion or report a bug, feel free to write it in the comment section or mention it in the discord server.
Enjoy the new enemies, new familiars, new fuels and interesting quests!






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nerotonin @nerotonin

Miner suggest that I talk to the mechanic. But the mechanic not mention anything about new content from this mod at all. Am I missing something?

Styl-getsetfly @styler659

Check that you have butifinol in your inventory.

USUARIO6342 @usuario6342

como coloca o mod ??????????

Buba51 @buba51

I talked to the miner after the bombardment, when she is in the magical shelter, but she says nothing: what can i do?

Styl-getsetfly @styler659

Yep, that's a thing, you wouldn't get the quest if the miner is in the magical shelter. Because during the bombardment, miner can't mine. So talk to the miner later when the NPCs are out from that portal (after defeating the final boss)

Buba51 @buba51

aah ok, thank you!