Mekaphelin for Aground

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Published by VorTechnix (mod ID: 147920)


On a far-flung forgotten world, there lies a lost colony and it's up to you to find out why. What happened to the settlers? Why is the world filled with cyborg cats? Find the answers to these questions and many more, as you explore the curious and strange world of Mekaphelin: CybCats.

This mod is being developed in three phases to give the developers a lighter work load.

Phase 1 - CybCats:
- Focused around mostly around Mekaphelin Alpha the green planet in the system with some scattered devlopment of the others.
- The system will have ~~mostly~~ empty desert planet in this version. No UEFD stuff or direct references to them.
- Contains all the lore related to cybcats, their quest line, NPCs, tech, etc.

Phase 2 - The Threat:
- Focused on the return of DR0000 after the events of phase one and the appearance of The Threat post aground final boss.
- Will include a new dark star system and orbital weapons.
- New gear and tech based on redacted.

Phase 3 - UEFD













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silenttowers147 @silenttowers147

yah I cant find the memory chip either so I cant progress through the story

amhiebert @amhiebert

Are you still working on this?

kapikkas @kapikkas

Where can I find memory chip, I missed what Luxori told me

Nemesis9412 @nemesis9412

Very interesting mod, with an intriguing story, where can I find Luxor's memory chip? I've explored all the lab and destroyed a lot of robots, and still I can't find it.

michal_opole @michal-opole

Could you add some exotic matter?? (used last one to fuel exotic drill) :(
I'm stuck on makaphelin with out it and I can't even fly for more because all my spaceships are parked above starting island

Wertatron2868 @wertatron2868

You might have to use cheat codes to get out of the mekaphalin system.

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

Try searching the desert moon or the dead moon underground for exo matter.
There should be some there, I'm pretty sure. If there isn't, we might have to add some.

michal_opole @michal-opole

I scanned both planets using ore scaner (from ore scaner mod)
and scan results are" no exotic matter on both planets" :(

marmot414 @marmot41

I try using the neuro bed but I keep getting "this is the end of the demo" and if I save I can't get out without using a console command

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

The neuro bed is the current end of the mod. We have more planned for future updates.

As for not being able to get out of the hangar room after saving, that should've been fixed in the recent patch that was uploaded a few days ago.

mkeloading @mkeloading

How/where do you get cyber leaves for luxuri's quest? (nvm about first question)

mkeloading @mkeloading

Also is there anything in the black water under some of the planets or is that a glitch?

Airom @airom

Cyber leaves are obtained from cutting down cyber trees, and I'm not sure about the black water, but it probably is a glitch.

michal_opole @michal-opole

Did one quest from Chess and one from Luxuri and now I can't find anyone who would tell me what to do.
Am I missing something or is it all for now?

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

If you follow the dialogue closely, Chess tells you to return to the other island and talk to the cat you met there. You are trying to translate what Chief is saying.
That's what Chess' quest is about.

If you already tried talking to Chief and it's not working, then I think our current version might be bugged. We will push a fix sometime soon.

michal_opole @michal-opole

It wasn't working

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

We have been working on a fix, and most of the issues should be fixed with the current patch here on

There's a few more bugs but those should be cleared soon.

k6redx @k6redx

i need to make a "full (but pet) body set" equips in order to continue?

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

Not necessary to make a full set of nano equipment, but it'll help you a lot in exploration. You can still reach the current end easily with or without a full set.
Just get what you need!

robo_doggo @robo-doggo

Chess, I just wanted to know, when will the mod be completed? Is there any approximation to as to when? The theme of this mod is pretty cool but I guess the mod is pretty buggy as of now. Thanks!

Airom @airom

Its going to be a while. There are multiple other sections that haven't even been introduced yet that are planned. Now that the modding competition is over, more people will be helping with the mod, but due to its planned size it take a long time to complete.