MagicPlus for Aground

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-A little generic things you can find in the Synthesizer

  • Pure Blood (Recovers 100% of your Health and Stamina ; costs 5 Dragonblood)
  • Alter Crystal

-Magical Swords (You can find their recipes at the "cave" from the Preview)

-Familiar Riding

  • Let you ride many of the Familiars, such as Wyrms, Young Dragons, Yetis, Fire Boars, Sharks, Snaptopuses etc

-Souls.... get yourself a Scythe and have fun!

  • You can find the Scythe recipe in the same cave as the Magical Swords
  • List of available souls: Wyrm, Dragon, Shark, Cat

-Invocation : Adds two more spell books to the Fish Library.

-Modular Spells : Craft simple custom spells, talk to the alchemist to begin the "questline".

  • After crafting an Ars or Invoker's Spell book, equip it and press F to use it! As of 5.1.0, Spells are no longer cast using custom hotkeys. Just use the item (preferably bound to a normal hotkey) instead.

If you have feedback, suggestions or anything else to tell me, join our discord :)

*(our = modders)









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nerotonin @nerotonin

I got the modular spell quest after the alchemist board mobile lab. And when I complete, It teleport me above the ocean with the spell crafter(the one that look like dragon blood). I'm outside of mobile lab but the game thinking I'm inside mobile lab. I managed to workaround to make the game playable again, but I can't do modular spell because the dragon blood building disappear.

etrotta @etrotta

I am aware of that bug and I will fix it on the next update, but for now that part is unplayable while the alchemist is on the mobile lab. I'll try to upload a patch today... specially since there are also some other bugs related to spells
btw thanks Multiplayer&Hybrid; updates for breaking it all >_>
EDIT: Uploaded the update. Version 5.1.0 and higher have it fixed (go for the latest though as there can be other bugs, for example 5.1.0 broke Invoker's which was fixed in 5.1.1)

nerotonin @nerotonin

You may want to look at book of summoning. It's hilarious.

etrotta @etrotta

Is it bugged or just overpowered?
EDIT: huh... seems like it doesn't consumes Health if you are out of stamina, I'll fix that but other than that I don't see any actual issues :p
EDIT2: nvm about the EDIT, I was consuming items to restore health without noticing lol
EDIT3: Ok the pathfinding *might* be bugged... weird

nerotonin @nerotonin

I mean the description is amusing. But since you mention it, The movement of golem really weird. I summon horde of them but most of the time they are just running around and hibernating like normal golem. You should make them use familiar behavior.

Vizaru @vizaru

Great mod!
How can I acquire the dragon soul after befriending the dragon on starter island? The wiki mentioned being able to enrage him after befriending, but I have had no such luck finding out how to do that. Thanks.

etrotta @etrotta

I am not sure if it is unlocked at some point or right way, but it is an option inside of the Dragon Lair.
More specifically, with an Adult Dragon resting there, open the lair menu then click the dragon item, then Enrage

Vizaru @vizaru

Thanks, you are correct, it is an option that is only available at specifically the Dragon Lair on Starter Island.

Donoya90909 @donoya90909

Hey. This mod is cool. Keep up the good work. (would upvote, but my game has issues getting mods working without a manual install)
Edit: NVM. Looks like I upvoted it back while I was subscribed.

virulentsyllogist @virulentsyllogist

what does the Alter Crystal do as opposed to the alter gem?

etrotta @etrotta

It's just a reusable alter gem (and it is also used on some recipes I think)

leosaki2008 @leosaki2008

theres a glitch with golem soul were it converts into boulder but it stays in my inv and i can do it again and again, is that normal?

etrotta @etrotta

That bug sounds related to Extra Additions, I don't think that I add a Golem Soul on this mod (may be an add-on on EA side)

lahaj @lahaj

what do I need to do with the black enemy thingy in the starting island?

etrotta @etrotta

that is from spirit plus mod, from Airom

matrock14 @matrock14

where can i find the mods file to download the mods?

etrotta @etrotta

Either subscribe to the mod then login with your account in-game, or click the latest file available on the "Files" list on this page to download the zip then drag & drop to the game window (while the game is open, on the tittle screen)

matrock14 @matrock14

thank you

Fidulus @fidulus

Would it be possible to assign a button on gamepad instead of using "f" on keyboard?
i noticed some reference like "customkeys.xml" in your code but couldn't finde the corresponding file anywhere.
Do you know what i would need to change for the left/right thumbstick-press to be used for the ars - spells?
thank you very much for your time and effort. this mod is amazing.

etrotta @etrotta

Hello there.
The framework is a bit "unpolished", and it is a little hardcoded. It uses an event listener for keyboard presses so it would require of some significant modifications in order to work with a gamepad. "customkeys.xml" doesn't exists anymore, and it is instead included in the frameworks.xml ; the Ars key is defined on mod.xml
I would rather speaking through discord rather comments due to notification and organization but just leave a reply here or send me a DM on Discord, I can take a look at adding compatibility for that later.

Fidulus @fidulus

Thank you very much for the kind and quick reply. I don't got much time on my hands atm, but if i can make it i will join you on discord to make it a possibility to use a button on gamepad for this (i thought of an analog-stick-press because it's not commenly used anywhere else in the game). If it helps. i Play via steam and use a x-box controller