haxeTools for Aground

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Published by VorTechnix (mod ID: 298)


This mod is for those who want to be able to do more with the development console in Aground of want to make mods that do things requiring heavy haxe scripting. Even if you just want to unmine an area this mod is for you.

To access the functions press CTRL + SHIFT + D in Aground to open the development console and then type help() and press ENTER. Follow the prompts from there. You can call the functions from mods using tags.

This mod is made to be a data base for custom Aground haxe functions so if you can't find what you need or have something to add ping me (@VorTechnix) or gASK (@gASK) on the Unofficial Aground Mod Team [UAMT] discord server [] and we'll help if we can.

Special thanks to gASK for helping me learn haxe to the level that I could make this mod and for his contributions both to this and [UAMT] as a whole.





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gidtheking @gidtheking

how do u summon in items

etrotta @etrotta

player.addItem('item_id')? If so, that is possible without the mod.
Like player.addItem('magic_box')