Guard Bot for Aground

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Published by Soulrk (mod ID: 1036231)


A bot that stands in place and shoots when the enemy approaches them.

I am trying to explore new ideas to create shooting defence towers and I am hoping to use this as a backbone to my other projects.

This simple mod is fully functional and I haven't found (yet) any bugs.

Requirements: Full game.

Automatic install:

Click the subscription button. (Should work now)

Manual Install Instructions:

1. Download file.

2. Unzip it.

3. Copy extracted files to a folder(name it as you want) and then move it to your Aground mods directory. If you installed Aground with the default settings this should be :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aground\data\mods

4. If you have any previous version then please delete it and then proceed from point 1.


1. I kindly ask people for feedback. No feedback = No improvements.

2. If you have suggestions please add a comment or message me.




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ThaumicalTadrn @vnmodder

lol kinda like the earth sentry in curatrixia

Soulrk @soulrk

Thank you for the tip - maybe I will get inspired by it.

ThaumicalTadrn @vnmodder

wut, no i mean that i think i done the idea before you, but eh, u can take inspiration from the mod

Soulrk @soulrk

Oh pardon (didn't know that) - I meant I tend to read look, observe etc. and try to do something new and fresh based on it.....Sometimes I look at idea and ask myself a question - "what if this went other direction ?"