Expert Farming for Aground

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Published by ChesireX42 (mod ID: 126355)


New dedicated farming structures, using the most advanced of science and magic!

- The science structures' blueprints can be unlocked in the blueprint printer, after you reach the colony world.
- One new magic structure whose recipe can be found at the HQ Talon Copse.
- The new structures are dedicated to making farming a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Stasis Pen: Allows you to farm any type of animal, regular or otherwise, without the need for having to construct separate wyrm cages or farm pens for your animal harvesting. Can now be upgraded with the Holotech Expander! You can now have, not one, but two, creatures in the same stasis pen. The other creature is seemingly not visibly there when inserted into the holo-chamber, but it continues to exist in a special 4-dimensional temporal-spatial area.

Multi-Harvester Hub: State-of-the-art barn-type structure that connects all pens and farms in the area, allowing you to harvest them all at one place. One touch farming has never been easier.

Harvest Transporter: Tired of deploying crummy farmer bots everywhere? Worried you might have an army of hundreds uprising against you? Fear not, for this simple add-on to the Multi-Harvester Hub takes away the job of every farmer bot at once! You only need this singular structure to manage all your harvesting needs. It even teleports your farmed goods directly into the nearest storage. Got no storage set up yet? You can also simply collect all your harvest directly from the transporter. How convenient!
(Watch out for the notification spam, however. You can always disable it via ingame UI options.)

Cloning Vat: Behold, the power of cloning! Just stick in your desired animal that you wish to clone and it will begin to rapidly undergo mitosis, spawning out clones every now and then; the Harvest Transporter is capable of farming them too! Your dreams of infinite bacon and fried chicken are just around the corner...

Replicator: A direct upgrade to the mini-synth, this baby can do everything the cloning vat does but with magic. Just make sure you have it fueled up and you can be churning out cows for your dragonships in no time. Especially useful to feed your space armada of magically mutated dragons.

The Replicator also allows you to replicate any of the more advanced magical creatures from the resources they produce, if you've captured at least one before. For example, capture a fire boar and harvest a couple fire tusks so you can replicate a buddy for him.

A few brand new crops to satisfy your cooking needs! Some new foods to boost your energy and stamina too. There's even a new familiar scurrying around, perhaps...

- You can find wild sunflowers growing around on Sunset Haven and some of the other islands beyond it.
Collect seeds from them and plant an entire farm of sunflowers!

- Sunflower seeds offer a vegan alternative to producing cooking oil, since you can craft cooking oil from the seeds in your upgraded (Tier 3) house kitchen.

- Wild Oats can be found on the magic islands, plant them to harvest oats, an energy-dense crop with a bunch of stamina regenerating food recipes that can be found in the Tier 1 normal kitchen, Tier 2 upgraded kitchen, and even the Synthesizer.

- Nuts can sometimes drop from cut-down trees, and can be farmed in Nut Tree Orchards. You can make health regenerating food recipes from nuts, much like the oats. Also, an ultimate food item that boosts both stamina and health, with nuts and oats being the primary ingredients.

- You might also potentially have a squirrel fall out from a tree when you chop it down. These squirrels can be trapped, killed or even penned for more nut farming. Not as efficient as the Nut Orchard, but hey, it works! They give you free nuts when you equip them as a familiar too. How nice!

- Eggs can now be made into some classic breakfast items, such as fried eggs, eggs 'n bacon, and a full breakfast (if you get some pancakes in there with the eggs and bacon). These restore a percentage of HP and Stamina instantly upon consuming.

- Sunflower farms and Oats farms can also be placed in hydroponics units, for faster growth and collection.

Now go out there and become a true farmer! May your harvest be bountiful and instantaneously transported.

Add-ons with other mods! Just have the other mods installed alongside Expert Farming!

Recolligo: A smelter manager for the Replicator! You can now manage multiple replicators more easily with this handy-dandy add-on if you happen to also have Recolligo. There's also a special food in there, using one of Recolligo's own food items in it's crafting...


lybell - For all the coding of the mod, a portion of the art, and his continued help in maintaining the mod and pushing out updates. This mod would not have become a reality without his help!

ChesireX42 (myself) - For most of the artwork, the original idea of "Advanced Farming", and a portion of coding.










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Solan1602211638 @solan1602211638

For some reason, I can't figure out the Harvest Transporter. Do I have to place it somewhere in correlation to the pens? Or do I need to connect them somehow?

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

It connects to the Multi-Harvester Hub. Simple as that.
Sorry for the delayed response!

Solan1602211638 @solan1602211638

Weird, I'll have to try again with it. Thanks for the reply!

Solan1602211638 @solan1602211638

Can I just say, I loved the way you introduced your mod. I haven't even tried it out yet, and it sounds awesome!

nononomax @nononomax

can it built under the ground?

lybell @lybell

Yes, all structure in this mod can be built underground.
and, You can build Stasis pen, multi-harvester hub, harvest transporter underwater.

nononomax @nononomax

it'll be very useful, and can suit for all familiars?

lybell @lybell

Yes, You can put any farm-able familiars (include mod familiars!) in Stasis pen.

nononomax @nononomax

THIS FXXKIN' AAAAAAWESOOOOOME, stronge than the robo pen, just only one question left , how many farm will make it lag? because the Robo Pen always lag the game , but you hard to remove it, not about the total cost of the building, is about the function of the building. P.S. ( too busy to try this new mods, so ask you first.)

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

RoboPen is very old, so a lot of its lag and bugs are because it has not been updated in so long.
The Stasis Pen in Expert Farming should not cause you any lag since its newer code.
Also, the Stasis Pen by itself does not transfer resources directly to your storehouse, but the RoboPen basically tries to do the job of Multi-Harvester Hub, Harvest Transporter and Stasis Pen all at once, hence it was laggier.

Hopefully you get a chance to try the mod out sometime!

k6redx @k6redx

and what is that purp fish on the right?

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

You find them on Mars. They're called Stygians.

k6redx @k6redx

nice, how do I get the Replicator?

ChesireX42 @chesirex42

Replicator recipe is found in one of the structures at the Alien HQ.

gASK @gask13

Awesome mod! I like the art and how it fits into the game, great job guys!