Technetium for Aground

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Published by The_8-bit_wolf (mod ID: 73829)


warning, enabling and disabling this mod will delete the bottom blackstone layer in starting island, make a backup of the world before playing

This mod currently adds:



  1. Totems, Golden trophies... useless items that are worth very much. Can be crafted at the atelier
  2. A recycling bin and a new biomass storage whit it's respective bar. Biomass is the ammo of the biogun, a powerful laser gun stronger than most other guns (it's going to be balanced depending on community)
  3. A super battery, it works like a normal battery but it is more efficient. Can be crafted for 1 steel bar and 1 uranium ore at a nuclear plant.
  4. Ink and paper. crafted at workshops and factories, can be used in printers to make blueprints for mod buildings
  5. Corn, corn seeds and Food Oil. Currently only used for making corn fields and corn, a new food; and cooking oil.
  6. iron fists. A very early-game tool can be used for attacking, defending and mining.


  1. Atelier. An upgrade to the workshop that can craft valuable items.
  2. Assembler. Used to make some late-game stuff.
  3. Manual Printer. Used to make blueprints for the other mod buildings. It's blueprint can be crafted at a normal workshop for 5 steel and it doesn't cost anything to build it. Fueled whit blue ink
  4. Distiller. Used to make some liquids...
  5. Crusher. Only able to make diamonds from coal (for now)


  1. Hypercubes. Some defensless vehicles that are used for hyper speed transporting
  2. Exo Armour. It's a multiuse super hard armour. Currently it's very OP because it's still in a testing fase, will get balanced in the next updates.
  3. Colossum. Can be equipped with a cannon (and even more in the future).


To go to hell you can either dig straight down on starting island with a steel pickaxe or craft a demonic forge at a crafting table and then a demonic key using the demonic forge, after that go at the starting area at the far left, next to the sand and start digging down, after around 20 tiles you should find a portal. Use the key to open the portal and you will be able to use it to go to hell.

Hell: A new Area with new mobs and ores.

Deep Hell: Currently it's broken but it has extra resources

Demonic Forge: A crafting station to craft hell-related items.

Hell Portal: A portal so you can go to hell!

Sacrifice Shrine: A building where you can use familiars to make structure, obtained by completing a quest from the friendly demon

Hell House: The place where you sleep good night while in hell...

Hell Forge: The furnace of hell, uses lava wood as it's main resource

Hell Workshop: Able to craft most hell related items

Lava Drill: Tier 2 pickaxe (drill and wyrm drill level)

Lava Axe: Tier 2 axe (chainsaw and ancient axe level)

Demonic key: Used to open the portal to hell.

Demonic daggers: A very powerful weapon that consumes stamina and shoots daggers at enemies, crafted at the demonic forge.

Demon Armor: Resistaint to fire but weak against water, this armor is slightly better than titanium armor + jetpack altrough it doesn't emit light

Demon Claws: Tier 3 Shield, Axe, Weapon and Pickaxe (space armor and fish armor level)

Lava Wood: gathered from lava trees, used for many early dark magic craftings.

Lava Orb: gathered from lava trees, used for many early and mid dark magic craftings.

Demonium: An ore found in hell, used to make the demonic daggers.

Demon Skin: A crafting resource used to make the demonic daggers.

Lava Blood: A crafting resource used for some mid game craftings.

Friendly demon: An npc that helps you in your adventure in hell.

Demons: An enemy that deals a lot of damage and has a lot of health but drops demon skin.

Bloody Colada: A drink that restores half of your stamina and increases the max amount you can have by 10 until a total of 200 but deals 20 damage each time you use it

The mod is still in developement so it can contain bugs. If you encounter some please contact The 8-bit wolf#6151 trough the UAMT discord server.







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mackanpersson @mackanpersson

"...increases the max amount you can *have* by 10", increases what? Carrying capacity? Or the amount of Bloody Colada's you can carry in your inventory?

Wertatron2868 @wertatron2868

max stamina

michal_opole @michal-opole

can't find cannon


you should be able to make it at the atelier/assembler

michal_opole @michal-opole

It's not in there :(


Hmm... Alright, i will work and take a look at that, but not now as i'm currently busy with other stuff and taking a break on modding. I'll work again during december/Christmas

prodjim @the-dishonored-one

how i get the red,yellow and other types of ink? game dont find the seagull

lybell @lybell

Wait, We can make diamond out of just 10 coals in this mod?
In Recolligo, We can make diamond out of 20 coals. I think we need to balance it between our mods.
I think the crusher is too efficient and the point of getting it is too early.


I will rebalance it somehow then

Paulo94 @paulo94

Hi! I've installed it just because of the cooking oil, I have the house kitchen and can't find the Cooking Oil, am I missing something? (Couldn't find corn seeds either)
Also, I think that the Factory should have the same crafting items from Atelier, as both are an upgraded version of the Workshop (Factory = Workshop + Smeltery).
And Black Ink should have a multiplier when crafting. Refined Oil is so valuable (for me at least) to craft only 1 Black Ink. Blue Ink can stay the same, wouldn't make sense multiplying it as well. I used so many Refined Oil and made only 2 of the blueprints.
I crafted only the Atelier, was missing resources to build the Assembler. That's all I can say about the mod for now. I'll keep it vanilla a bit longer, hope you keep up the work.


The oil is made from the distiller from corn but i just realised there isn't quite a way to get corn so i will add it in the shop in the next update. Ink is pricey to make but is also worth a lot so i'll see if i can do something. Btw i wanted to make the atelier a kind of it's own and add it's recepies only to an endgame building that is going to get added in the next update.
I suggest to make the distiller first so you can make oil easier then make the atelier for money and the assembler is endgame (crusher isn't that useful yet so i don't suggest it)

Paulo94 @paulo94

Cool, thanks for the reply! I'll be replaying it soon and will turn this mod on again and do things right. It was my first time playing and didn't get to farm ink easily. It gets easier when you get to midgame. :)

BnoBoBo @bnobobo

i dislike mod you. you dislike mod i make



I never even tried your mod. If you can considered it that. Your mod is considered as a virus by some people i know and i didin't want to download it. I was tempted to but i didin't. Coming here disliking my mod just because of your assumptions make you very childish. And you didin't even tried the fact that you made an alt account just to dislike my mod.

mkeloading @mkeloading

Small suggestion, can you increase size of and add animation to the colossum? Also seagulls are very annoying, can you make them a flying animal rather than ground animal? Suggestion for crusher: maybe you can make diamonds out of coal and bars for just one ore rather than 2?


Okay, i'm arleady fixing most of the bugs and adding some stuff you asked :)