Expanded Terraforming for Aground

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Published by squirleybob (mod ID: 619387)


This mod adds extra usability to the terraformer.

To install, simply drag the .zip file into the Aground window (title screen) and it will automatically install.

If you come across any new problems or have suggestions, please let me know and I will attempt to fix it or consider adding it as a feature.

Current features:

  • Terraforms the crashed ship sites*
  • "Shovel mode" that fills the area the terraformer can reach (plus a bit extra at the ends)*
    • Just click on the "Shovel Mode" button in the UI and it will automatically (and instantly) fill holes within its reach.
    • This will not add new resources - it acts merely like a universal shovel.
    • Be warned: it fills all holes, so rails get blocked and drop as an item when that block is mined.
    • Structures that are underground and in range will get buried, but remain where they were.

Known problems:

  • Shovel Mode causes rails to become unusable and drop as an item when the block is remined.
  • Shovel Mode covers all underground structures, but does not inhibit their functionality.

Possible/planned Additions:

  • Update shovel mode to improve performance and use fuel when activated.
  • Changed planet appearance on the star map (to reflect terraformed status)*
  • Terraformer upgrades (faster operation, deeper terraforming, area terraforming, etc.)
  • Options for biomes with corresponding weather*


* Thank you to MadMax (on Steam) for these ideas.






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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

I love this mod! Now I don’t have to use my shovel for hours!

dominicblake @dominicblake