Dark Magic Mod for Aground

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Published by The_8-bit_wolf (mod ID: 148879)


Thank you guys for everyone that tried the mod, i'm very happy and i hope you enjoyed it. This page will be closed very soon and the mod will become hidden it will be soon combined/added to the Expansive Mod. Again, thank you very much and we'll see eachother in the next competition! (or in the Expansive Mod/UAMT discord server)

To go to hell you can either dig straight down on starting island with a steel pickaxe or craft a demonic forge at a crafting table and then a demonic key using the demonic forge, after that go at the starting area at the far left, next to the sand and start digging down, after around 20 tiles you should find a portal. Use the key to open the portal and you will be able to use it to go to hell.

warning, enabling and disabling this mod will delete the bottom blackstone layer in starting island, make a backup of the world before playing

This mod currently adds:

Hell: A new Area with new mobs and ores.

Deep Hell: Currently it's broken but it has extra resources

Demonic Forge: A crafting station to craft hell-related items.

Hell Portal: A portal so you can go to hell!

Sacrifice Shrine: A building where you can use familiars to make structure, obtained by completing a quest from the friendly demon

Hell House: The place where you sleep good night while in hell...

Hell Forge: The furnace of hell, uses lava wood as it's main resource

Hell Workshop: Able to craft most hell related items

Lava Drill: Tier 2 pickaxe (drill and wyrm drill level)

Lava Axe: Tier 2 axe (chainsaw and ancient axe level)

Demonic key: Used to open the portal to hell.

Demonic daggers: A very powerful weapon that consumes stamina and shoots daggers at enemies, crafted at the demonic forge.

Demon Armor: Resistaint to fire but weak against water, this armor is slightly better than titanium armor + jetpack altrough it doesn't emit light

Demon Claws: Tier 3 Shield, Axe, Weapon and Pickaxe (space armor and fish armor level)

Lava Wood: gathered from lava trees, used for many early dark magic craftings.

Lava Orb: gathered from lava trees, used for many early and mid dark magic craftings.

Demonium: An ore found in hell, used to make the demonic daggers.

Demon Skin: A crafting resource used to make the demonic daggers.

Lava Blood: A crafting resource used for some mid game craftings.

Friendly demon: An npc that helps you in your adventure in hell.

Demons: An enemy that deals a lot of damage and has a lot of health but drops demon skin.

Bloody Colada: A drink that restores half of your stamina and increases the max amount you can have by 10 until a total of 200 but deals 20 damage each time you use it







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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

This is the only place where I’ve ever had people complain about not being able to go to hell.

bvnht @bvnht

I have fallen into hell and i have no way out. this is my home now

Jay_3719 @jay-3719

how do i craft a demonic key

rabelorockguitar @rabelorockguitar

Could someone tell me where is the portal on eastern (magic) island?


? there's no portal on easter island, there's one in hell and one under the dock in start.

Dante2.0 @dante201

Though after a few times it will finally appear

Dante2.0 @dante201

Download hack mod if you get stuck to tp to the start


wait, it's that bad of a problem? ok then i'll work quickly on a patch

pmac22 @pmac22

You need steel for the 1st quest. I didn't bring steel. There's only 1 ore in Hell and no portal back. good job


yes, there IS a portal back. Send me a screen so i can check if it's a bug.

thefailedhipster19 @thefailedhipster19

how do i make the demonic forge


In a workshop/factory with magic materials

ThaumicalTadrn @vnmodder

maybe you should take insparation from blood magic, a minecraft mod or abyssal craft

lahaj @lahaj

i have not tried this mod out yet but its areally good mod idea

theyuzo @yuzo3

*clap clap x3.14* this mod is good