Cynoserium for Aground

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(This is a post-game mod for Magical path)
Would you like to explore the secrets of a new place where you will find new resources, enemies, familiar, mazes, bosses, etc? If yes, download/subscribe to this mod now! A jump ship crashed landed on Cultivator Island, help the new NPC to discover the secrets of Cynoserium with an adventurous experience.

For some new quests, go to the Alchemist, Sea Witch, Mirrows, Fish Librarian once you've activated the Cynoserium Factory.

Bombs Addon: Do you want to make a highly explosive bomb? Install Bombs mod and talk to the Exiled.

Watch the linked videos if stuck in a problem. Video Credits: Respective owner of that YouTube channel.

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Enjoy this mod!










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etrotta @etrotta

Just a bit of a heads up since it is not sufficiently mentioned in the mod and we've recently had someone complain about it on the Discord server:

LuVenBen @na4302683

why isn't the jump ship appearing? im late game hybrid so it should spawn on cultivator island but its not there?

Styler659 @styler659

Make sure you have either completed "Launch Virus" quest or "Magne Drill" quest. If you have completed any of them, then the jump ship should spawn...

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

A helpful suggestion- could you let us make focal essence after you get the Pickaxe? I think this mod is great but, I accidentally ran my new Pickaxe dead because I was looking for all the chests in that maze. Luckily, I had
the morph mod so I just morphed into the yellow Amethyst Wyrm to find the factory.

Styler659 @styler659

You can craft the focal essence by focal crystal from the forge, once you enter the cynoserium world.

ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

Also I’m actually really intrigued by the book of luck. What does it do? It appears to have some association with the fish merchant in the image.

Styler659 @styler659

You can craft the book of luck from the fish library after discovering the cynoserium factory. Book of luck determines your luck, giving you rewards if you are lucky and giving you pain if you are unlucky, luck depends...

michal_opole @michal-opole

when is mechanic gonna to make me a new battery??
I have activated cyroserium factory made 20 nicrozium [they are in my inventory] and talk to her and nothing is happening
Am I missing something, or doing something wrong??

Styler659 @styler659

In the new update, the batteries are available at the store of the new npc, instead of mechanic. Exchange those nicrozium with the new npc for cynorbs and buy batteries there.

michal_opole @michal-opole

but I think two ways to get the battery would be better

thefailedhipster19 @thefailedhipster19

how do i get focal essence?

really impressive mod so far btw

Styler659 @styler659

Go to forge

Spriy @spriy

How do I activate the cynoserium factory? For that matter, where is it? I've been all through the maze thing and the mining part, but I can't find any way to get in, even with the mine 10 pickaxe.

Styler659 @styler659

Did you get the new FCM pickaxe from the maze? If yes, then come out of the maze and dig the hard layer of cynoserium world. For the guided tiles wear the spirit equipment.

Vizaru @vizaru

Really fantastic mod, my dude. Everything seems to be working great.

In that "new familiars" screenshot, is the fifth one also added by this mod? The others I recognize, but I've never seen a diode wolf reskin.

Also, in the second layer, there are two portals. One enters the factory, but the second seems to just send you to the first. Is there any purpose to this, other than perhaps to act as redundancy to make it easier to find the factory?

As for suggestions, I'd recommend adding dialogue to the Alchemist or something so that there is an in-game way to be guided to the Cynoserium. As it stands, if a user doesn't explicitly read the mod page for directions, I doubt they would ever find it (although users should always read mod pages, I don't think it should be necessary to know how to use the mod's features).

Finally, I thought of a content suggestion (that you can by all means ignore). Since this is designed as an end-game magic area, it would be neat if there was also an alternative set of armor in the form of robes/hat that has a 2-3 boost to spellcasting at the cost of some of the defensive abilities of the current gear (which is super fantastic btw, love that armor). If you were feeling especially ambitious, they could even be locked behind a second boss (the spellbooks could also potentially be locked behind this boss as well, especially if you plan to add more spells). Using the dishonored one or the second phase end boss as a template could be a good start for inspiration.

Styler659 @styler659

Nice, that you liked this mod,

No, the fifth animal in the "more familiar" image is vanilla stuff(full version). I will change that image soon on the 1.2.0 update.

Yes, In the second layer, there are two teleportals so that a player can easily locate the factory.

The idea of new NPC is already in progress, in the 1.2.0 update you will meet him soon, he will guide you the way and will give you awesome things once you have located the factory.

There are already many types of equipment in vanilla. Like Exo tier, mega earth tier, etc. Some new equipment would come in the next version. And "dishonoured one" recolour has already been used in the luck book. Test your luck, if you are unlucky maybe you can face him...

Thanks for your feedback.

michal_opole @michal-opole

I've killed guard first time and he resurected with full health and now EVERY time guard's health goes to 0 earth starts to shake and I die and game crasches :( is this an error or "Am I missing something?"

Styler659 @styler659

Neither you are missing anything nor its an error, there are only 2 waves just like the final boss. When the first one dies, the second one respawns and when you kill the second one, it explodes to hard that it has a damage of 250. But don't worry if you are on full health and defence you can survive that. Also, you can try exo mech/megolemech to survive that blast.

pmac22 @pmac22

I've found 2 cynoserium for the quest, but I need another 2. I've mined the entire maze and starting area, there's nothing else in there. Am I missing something?

Styler659 @styler659

Did you get the upgraded pickaxe in the maze? If no then you are missing that. If yes then mine the second layer of the cynoserium world. In the second layer, you will find a teleportal taking you to the cynoserium factory. Defeat the guard megolemech and unlock the cynoserium factory. From there, you will get more cynoserium, And much more things...And make sure you should wear spirit revealing equipment for it.

pmac22 @pmac22

ok, thanks. haven't beat that boss yet. just 1 hits me