Colourful Stars for Aground

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Published by Styler659 (mod ID: 1882176)


This mod add colors to the stars and gives them description accordingly.
However in the current update, you cannot enter the star's orbit. So, for now enjoy watching the colourful stars in the navigation map.

Orbit of stars, new areas, special items to enter there with much more... will be added in future updates. Till then, stay tuned!

Example - To make the star Red in your mod.

<loadAfter>Colourful Stars</loadAfter>

<section if="modEnabled('Colourful Stars')">
	<system id="my_system" extends="my_system">
		<planet id="" tile="" name="system.planet.my_star_name" />

	<lang id="en_US">
		<section id="system.planet"><text id="my_star_name">Star's Name</text></section>

Similarly, you can use,,

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jajamaninc @jajamaninc

Cool mod! For some reason though, it won't load the colors to the stars. I figured out how to make it so you can travel to the stars, but I'm still debugging landing on them.

Styler659 @styler659

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the loading of colors to the stars.
Also for now, this mod adds no orbits, areas to the stars. However, in future updates, that will be added.

jajamaninc @jajamaninc

Thank you! I could help you make orbits if you want, but I can't seen to figure out how to add backgrounds...

Styler659 @styler659

I already have plans to add areas and orbits, perhaps later... However I'll appreciate it if you can bring forward some interesting ideas.
I'd recommend you to join the discord server(Link in description) if you haven't yet, there we can chat since having a conversation here regarding code isn't feasible.

BabahMods @babahmods

nice i always wanted this... thanks!