Carryall (Vehicle Transportation) for Aground

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Allows you to craft a new late-game vehicle - the Carryall. This vehicle can not only transport other vehicles, allowing you to explore all the seas and mine all the islands, but it also contains fully furnished workshop for all your crafting and repair needs and simple living quarters that allow you to cook & sleep anywhere you please!

This MOD requires Full Version of the game. If you do not have it, you can download a DEMO ZIP file below, which contains the same vehicle modified to work in the demo.
As of version 2.0.0, this mod is completely demo friendly.


  • Carry your vehicles - bring them with you anywhere, no matter if they are water or ground-based. Now you can finally mine all the islands and explore all the seas!
  • Dismantle vehicles - you can use the onboard workshop to turn any vehicles into their original parts quickly
  • On-board workshop - gives you the crafting capabilities of the factory in a slightly larger, yet mobile package. Can also be used to repair all your stuff.
  • Living quarters - now you can sleep (and save) anywhere, provided you have enough fuel. This includes a fully furnished kitchen so you can turn your catch into food on the go!
  • Durable body - the Carryall can take a pounding and carry you to the top of the atmosphere, so there is nowhere it can't go (except space for now)!
  • Multi-Vehicle - the winches are now detachable so you can have more that one vehicle loaded in the carryall. Winches are heavy so you can't go crazy

The Carryall can be found in the Factory.

How to use this mod

To load a vehicle, simply fly your Carryall so it is touching the vehicle in question, open its equipment window and select the Load Vehicle action from the inventory.

To unload a vehicle, hover or land where you want to put it, go to the equipment window, select the vehicle loaded into cargo and select the Unload Vehicle option.

To craft/repair stuff or to cook meals/sleep, you select the appropriate action from the equipment menu as well.

As of 2.0.0 crafting, repair, cooking, and sleeping are done through the interior structures. You can also manage the winch from the interior.

Future improvements & known limits

  • If you build more then 255 winches and load them all with vehicles, the game might crash. Or not. Do find out and let me know!
  • It is possible to unload vehicles in places where you cannot reload or drive them. Be careful about unloading in precarious places!
  • If you store a drone, then recall it without unloading, your dev console will spit some nice red barf and the winch you used to store the drone will be unusable, but the drone will be intact!
  • Upgradeable engines for SPACE.
  • Shields to make it even more durable.







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mkeloading @mkeloading

in my opinion, it is able to be crafted a little too early into the game, maybe change the recipe for it and make it to where its crafted at airport or upgraded factory instead?

Airom @airom

At this point since most vehicles can be packed up, the carryall is mostly obsolete. The chances that it will be updated again are pretty low.

CoolGamer2010 @coolgamer2010

how do you craft it?

Cheshire777 @johndoeasironspider

Can you make it so that the carryall can drive underground plz?


how to craft the carryall? i don't know how to upgrade the lab and in the magic box there's only the upgrade for the factory

gASK @gask13

Based on that I assume you are playing the demo. If you want to use the mod in demo, you need to download the version marked DEMO in the download list and drag the zip file into the game window. You will then be able to craft the carryall in the factory.


Ok ty :D

Derpymerp @derpymerp

No, you can't upgrade factory in demo. The advanced lab is on pirate island, to the left of the water portal

Derpymerp @derpymerp

Also, I don't think that you can use mods in the demo

gASK @gask13

You can, you just need to install them manually (ie copy them into the mod folder in game).

Derpymerp @derpymerp

what mod folder?

etrotta @etrotta

Aground\data\mods\something\(mod.xml etc).
I think that just dropping a zip file into the game works as well.

Derpymerp @derpymerp

That's not there in the demo, I'm playing online though, so that might be the problem