Bulk Sized Vending Machine for Aground

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Published by captanredbeard (mod ID: 1050023)


The Full Version of Aground is required to use this mod as intended.

Harness the power of unlimited energy in exotic matter to make "unlimited" resources!

This mod adds a single structure called the Bulk Vending Machine. It contains roughly a ten times higher stock then the normal vending machine. The blueprint for the Bulk Vending Machine can be found in the Blueprint Printer. This structure is meant as an endgame structure to make trading for large amounts of materials easier and so that you don't have to fill large areas with vending machines to buy large quantities of items.


Download the zipped file below and extract it to your aground mods folder. It should appear in your mods folder as a file containing a png image and a xml file names "mod.xml"

Once the mod is installed, then you're ready to launch aground and start playing again!

To Update

Balance the Bulk Vending Machine's building cost - feel free to send feedback on whether the building cost is too high or low.

Make a better model - all ideas are welcome. I am not a great artist and a new model would be welcome.

Balancing the stock/adding new items available to be bought at the machine. - I would like your feedback on what should be added or removed from the stock to help make this mod a balanced addition to the game.

There is no set plan for when I update this mod as it's pretty much completed except for tweaking the costs and maybe a new model.

enjoy the mod!





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peter-PARKER-911 @peter-parker-911

I needed this

justdev42 @justdev42

Feedback on making it balanced? Because I'm tempted to just shove everything you can normally buy in entire game in greater volumes. Just saves having to check back every day.
Being able to pick up the animals available in the first island in bulk would be nice even if at an upcharge. With max bargaining skill, once a user has a factory and power core can buy coal and iron ore, refine to steel and then sell steel for more than the cost to make it but one of the few ways to do so as most default prices well balanced. Maybe more if using cafeteria bargaining bonus but again nothing that couldn't be done in base game a little more tediously.

Ahuman1625952177 @ahuman1625952177

Absolutely flawless