Book of Vitality for Aground

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Published by Synzorasize (mod ID: 738443)


Book of Vitality I:

You need five stamina for one unit of health. It can't be bound to magic staffs or equipped.

There is an easy recipe for this but you do need a library.

  • 6 fish scales
  • 6 ink
  • 12 health potions
  • 1 evo gem

Right now the max health you can restore with this mod depends on how much stamina you have since I am still trying to figure out the max health variable for the game. So you can't heal more than your stamina limit. Edit: Airom told me the variable. Thanks!

Book of Vitality II:

Same as above except it can be equipped and has a different recipe. Overall it's a better version.

  • 1 Book of Vitality I
  • 1 health potion
  • 1 pearl (since spellbooks are underwater magic, lol)

When equipped it heals you for 1 but uses 3 stamina. It is slightly better but you would have to wait.





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ZIGGY555 @ziggy555

How much stamina does it use? It looks cool! I hate having to eat pancakes just because my health is a little low.

Synzorasize @synzorasize


squirleybob @squirleybob

5 stamina per health

Airom @airom

Cool mod, overall its pretty well done. A couple of suggestions:
First of all, you appear to have zipped the folder which contains the mod, instead of the contents individually. This means that your mod will not properly install for those who are subscribing to the mod.
Second, the HQ Libary includes both the spellbook and hq_spellbok recipes, so your second recipe is redundant and will make your book show up twice there.
Third, there are a couple ways to check max health. There are a couple ways you could implement this:
1. Make the book a constant amount of health and stamina per cast
2. Make the cast limited by stamina, as it is now, and then add a fail check if you try to restore to much health.

Either way, to check the player's max health use player.getMaxHealth(). To make a check you'd do if(player.getMaxHealth - player.getHealth() < value) fail;
This is basically saying "if the player's current health deficit is less than the amount to heal, stop."

Synzorasize @synzorasize

Thanks for your feedback! I wasn't sure how to do it since I used the zip folder option. I also happened to forget that Windows zipped folders like this. And I wasn't sure how handled files either, so yeah.
Ah, I see, I did some testing with the HQ library and I don't think it appeared twice (I am not sure if I added this second recipe before or after that though). But thanks!
I wanted people to choose how much health to heal (and me personally, I would find it kind of redundant if I had to keep using cast, lol). I did implement a part of the second idea, but I left it to the side since I used stamina as a max factor.

Oh, thanks! I wasn't aware that this existed since it wasn't mentioned anywhere in Aground's files or in the fandom Commands page. I was trying to use as the max health but I now know this is just the base health. Now I think I could make it limited based on the amount of health lost and have it fail when the stamina is too low (since you lose health if the stamina is way too low, also the game can't detect any food in your inventory to give back stamina during this procedure and you basically start undoing the healing, lol. I once died during testing this, haha.) Which is what I was aiming for originally, lol. That idea is cool, too, but I decided to make the limit based on health since the book heals the player.

Airom @airom

The fandom is pretty limited, and finding things in the files can sometimes be hard if you don't know how or where to look. If you have any more questions or need help with further mods, I'd recommend joining the Aground modding discord server: