Bag of Holding for Aground

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Published by TheGreatCowGuru (mod ID: 1092047)


Adds two new backpacks

Spacious Bag
Carry: 2500

Bag of Holding
Carry: 5000

Spacious Bag
1 Hoarder Backpack
1 Hoarder Gun
1 Hoarder Shield
1 Hoarder Armor
1 Hoarder Helmet

Bag of Holding
1 Spacious Bag
10 Alter Gems
5 Evo Spirit Gems

Feedback on recipes would be appreciated.

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Terothin @terothin

How do you get the Hoarder Set?

neznametajnymatus @neznametajnymatus

u have to complete museum quest

Ahuman1625952177 @ahuman1625952177

This mod is really underpowered for the stage you will be able to get it in , The only good way to get Evolution gems is by farming enemy ships

LuVenBen @na4302683


Ahuman1625952177 @ahuman1625952177

I stopped selling viruses on the dark web i promise

etrotta @etrotta

You should avoid using other mods items in your recipe unless you require them or check if they are installed, and if so provide an alternative recipe instead.
Using them almost 'as-is', with the recipe just being cheaper if it is not enabled, doesn't sounds like a good idea and probably should raise an error instead of being accepted... oh well.

TheGreatCowGuru @thegreatcowguru

Thanks for the feedback. I've now removed the soulstones from the recipe.

GanOver @ganover

10 evo spirit gems might be a little expensive.

pretty simple mod yet pretty useful if you want your game to be somewhat vanilla.

TheGreatCowGuru @thegreatcowguru

I've been using Spirits Plus, so I hadn't realised how hard it is to actually get Evo Spirit Gems, so now I've halved it. Thanks for the feedback.