Asteroid Field for Aground

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Asteroid fields have been discovered in multiple known systems!
Initial scans show them to contain Coal, Focus Gems, Gold, Titanium, Uranium, Spirit Gems, and the occasional treasure of Exotic Matter or AI cores! Many ships have crashed here, and their remains can be found scattered throughout some fields.


Three asteroid fields, with over 20 different biomes that can generate! Due to their ever-shifting natures, the fields are never the same twice!

Warning: The field will not regenerate if any vehicles or players, active, inactive, or offline, remain in the field.

Unoiks Field:

  • Scattered with debris, hostile fields full of resources await you!
  • Stories of a lost research vessel have been heard... Can you find out what happened to the crew?
  • The mechanic has detected space pirates and asked you to defeat them in exchange for some powerful new tech!
  • Some friendly NPC space miners have some tasks for you in return for a new mining tool!
  • Plus many other biomes full of resources!

Sol Field:

  • Reskins of Unoiks biomes, with more enemies!
  • Great source of AI cores

UAMT-1 Field:

  • Contains high-risk, high-reward fields

HQ System Battles

  • Help out in the battle between humanity and the aliens! There are 4 different battle scenarios you will find.


In The Future:

  • This mod is complete, for now. Further content may be added and bugs may be patched.
  • If you have ideas or bugs, contact us through the comments or on the UAMT Discord!

Most of the code and art is by Airom, while the haxe is written by gASK. Various artwork by ChesireX42, ᴬᴬᴿᴼᴻᴺᴼᴿᴲᴸᴸ, and VorTechnix.














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nerotonin @nerotonin

About the pirate quest. When I enter an asteroid field it always have some small red enemy ship. I kill and loot them -> Go to another planet -> Kill and loot them again -> until my cruiser is full. But still can't find the green pirate in the quest.

Airom @airom

The red-tinted pirates should be the ones you need to kill. If you kill them in the asteroid field in the start system, the quest should autocomplete once you kill 5.

nononomax @nononomax

how can I fight the space worm queen?

Airom @airom

One of the many available biomes is the space wyrms biome. It has a relatively low chance of spawning.

dvlbug @dvlbug

How i can forcefully regenerate the field? I tried to use Boring Machine, then it just dropped down to bottom. And now always same field.

Airom @airom

If there are any vehicles or players in the field, it will not regenerate.
Also, asteroid fields are in space so... boring machines aren't really a good idea.

dvlbug @dvlbug

I found the way. Unsubscribed mod load&save;, then subscribed again.

Mohaned @mohaned

i been looking for the space pirates for hours,where exactly can i find them?

Airom @airom

Try talking to the mechanic, she should help you find them.

Mohaned @mohaned

i talked to her and she gave me the quest to find them i went to the esa-smastrini and killed all drones i checked everything there and went to all asteroid fields but still cant find them, am i missing something ?

Airom @airom

The pirates will force generate when you have the quest to kill them (its called kill pirates). It sounds like you have to correct conditions to spawn them.
If you are talking about the space miners, those are currently harder to find but will be easier in the next version.

CmdrPingu @cmdrpingu

This mod is fantastic!!! Since you asked if people got suggestions, I have a small one. If you could add a fighter or battleship to the mod that would be marvelous! I'm a huge fan of space combat and the more ships are out there the more fun the game can be! Thanks for the awesome mod! (to be honest, I'll be happy even if you add a different colored variant of any of the existing fighters/battleships)

Airom @airom

I probably won't be adding any ships to this mod, as it doesn't really fit, but I am developing a mod which adds a couple more ships, and there is a possibility vanilla will get a couple more ships as well.

CmdrPingu @cmdrpingu

I see. Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait! Love the space combat in this game

fatimakazem @fatimakazem

i love this mod!

kasuma9999 @kasuma9999

Can this mod be uninstalled safely guys?

squirleybob @squirleybob

Yes and no. If you have some of the items it adds, you will lose them. Also, if you are in the asteroids you will start on the starting island and lose any spacecraft you had in the asteroids.

medisterhunden @medisterhunden

i left my space ship with the mecanic and all the others in one of the astorid fields to go get the fighter escort to kill an now my space is disapeard

seamusog @seamusog

that happen to me too do you know how to get it back!

medisterhunden @medisterhunden

well i started a new game and did it all again, but like Airom replyed to my comment u never leave importent things in the astroids. though he said that in the future he will make sure of that you cant take importent things into to the astroids like the Mobile lab.

Airom @airom

Thats why you never leave things in the field. they get lost.
I will take note of this, might make sure you can't leve important things like the ML there