Alter Gem Framework for Aground

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Published by lybell (mod ID: 81238)


This mod is a framework that allows recipes to be added to items that transform items such as Alter gem and Evolution gem. Now you don't have to create new choices or overwrite existing data to implement the transformation into Alter Gem!

Just include this XML in your mod and do the following:

  • make<transgem id="alter_gem or evo_gem ..." >.
  • like original alter gem, put your alter gem recipe into<transgem>data.

For example(toothfish into coral cod using alter gem)

<transgem id="alter gem">
    <transform from="toothfish" to="coral_cod" />







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etrotta @etrotta

Hello there,
Always nice to see someone new, but I am a bit confused taking a look at your code (or, well, parts of it), for example:
if(alter == null && != "transform_other")
..which translates to something like
if it **is null** and it **has a property** "id" that isn't "transform other" yeah, I think that you might have swapped these two

Also, I would recommend using <onLoad> instead of the player.init procedure for that. Other than that, good work. It is rare to see someone using haxe and data tags on their first mod xD

Feel free to join the discord if you want to chat about modding, projects or anything. Most of us (aground modders) are there.

lybell @lybell

Thank you etrotta!

alter == null &&!= "transform_other" is a symple typo.
Originally I intended "If alter is null or if the id of alter is not transform_other".
And <onLoad> is good! This works fine too.

Airom @airom

I also took a look, same things etrotta said except I think the problem is that is should be ==null and != id, however, it should be an OR statement I think. If it's null it will stop the if statement right there, before checking other conditions. However, with an AND statement, it will look through both ones, and the second one might throw a null object reference

michal_opole @michal-opole

subscribed but can't find this mod in mods list and XML on the disc :(