A Gift From Flandre for Aground

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( Update: It has two different versions in 1.0.1 and later, default download by subscribing is using balance version, see update log to know more details. )

Flandre send you a gift, which is a very specail transport plane as you can see or will see.

Use 10 blood gems to build it in upgraded factory. This transport include unlimited fuel, carry 5000, flying height 22, 5 def, no weapons.

Or just use command to get magic box to build upgraded factory if you still not have it and want to try transport now.

All preview Pics are GIF so make sure click/tap it to check.

Flandre Scarlet is a character from Touhou Project.

Enjoy :D

New way easily : use object command to get :

1. ctrl+shift+D to open console.

2. type <object id="FG" x="player.tile_x" y="player.tile_y"/> then press enter.

1.0.1 update:

Add fuel system; Change the order of IDLE frames to make IDLE animation turns more naturally to move animation. Change the face expression in IDLE frames, now there's three IDLE face versions named FG.png, FG_1.png, FG_2.png, you can use what you like by renaming it as FG.png, I also upload a preview GIF to let you compare three versions, FG_2/FG_1/FG from left to right on GIF. Default is right version.

Now mod has two versions, A and B

1.0.1b: balance version, max fuel 10000, 1 blood gem=1000 fuel, carry 1500. This is also the default version.

1.0.1a: This version has no recipes, so only can use command to get. max fuel 10000, 1 blood gem=10000 fuel. carry 5000. This is also the version I'm using.

because no need upgraded factory anymore, so I delete the full version requirement in A version so now it can use in demo.

Of course you can delete full version requirement in B version to enable it in demo, and edit other values what you like, it's mod.xml in your game-directory\data\mods\fg\ , FG.pngs are also here.

Reupload 1.0.1: because I see I forgot to remark 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 in mod.xml. But this reupload also has some changes:

1. Change death_sfx to achievement_sfx, I test and it looks and sounds good, like a ending of summoning.

2. Add Sweet FG into balance version, which can carry 5000, build with 5 blood gem + 5 cake + 5 cheese +5 milk +5 ice cream + 1 evolution shard.






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styler659 @styler659

Flandre will you help me to make my language part of my mod complete as I am not good in English so will you help me to check the language?

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

Done, some are What I think should change (e.g. "capTain said you that I", should be, told), some are maybe just for making more readable or more naturally to me, all corrections are using bold and Italic. I also noticed you missed many double quotes, such like wont, cant, especially its, I only corrected a few not all, I guess it's because game mod.xml needs special expression for it and you don't want to write cause for speed? Better to correct them before release if you want more serious. Anyway I can't promise all I done are all right, it's your choice. :D

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

Unexpected to me... I never thought there will be such a request to me because English is not my native language, I wonder why you don't ask some help from discord since you are there. I'm glad to help but I don't believe myself very much, so, you can send me documents if you still want, and I cannot promise I do good. :)

CmdrPingu @cmdrpingu

not into anime but I respect those who are. it's awesome!

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

Thanks! That's the best I ever heard! :D

styler659 @styler659

I would like to congratulate you on ur first mod.BUT This is sooo odd. Please improve the art. Art is good but it would be better in NPC rather than transport.

Flandre1585982835 @flandre1585982835

First thanks for your first comment. :D
Then, about this mod, basically it's I want to add some Flandre into game for some reasons.
I had two paths in yesterday, big Flandre with more pixels, small Flandre with less pixels, after some try, final result is this, big one as a transport.
Reduce the pixels of this one to same as size of game NPCs will makes this one looks not good, but.....maybe a giant colony? so no need to reduce art size.....maybe what you mean is just a giant NPC?
Maybe I will make a small Flandre bot whichs size is same as game NPCs or bots, but it's just a art replace of original game worker bot, so not many meanings of as a public mod are there.